WATER IN THE MIDDLE EAST Weekly Bulletin by ORSAM Water Research Programme

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WATER IN THE MIDDLE EAST Weekly Bulletin by ORSAM Water Research Programme


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Water in the Middle East of 27 December 2010 – 2 January 2011


    Iraqiya Warns Iran of Salt Water Flow into Iraq


    UNESCO to Identify Groundwater and Alleviate Water Shortages in Iraq


   Syria’s Water Scarcity Park Set to Prove Life Can Be Lived Well with Less Water


   Tehran, Baku Mulling Mechanism for Joint Management of Caspian Sea Water


   Iran calls for Forming Commission Over Water Issue with Afghanistan, Tajikistan


   Israeli Environmental Protection Minister: Climate Change Poses National Security


   Kenya Promises to Safeguard Egypt’s Water Interests


   or Egypt, New Sudan State Threat to Nile


   International Conference: Water and Climate Change in the MENA-Region in


   Almatti Height Increase Welcome, but Water Share Unjust: Karnataka


   Turkey’s Attitude on Transboundary Waters-Ilısu Dam: Will It Be a Disaster or a Miracle?


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Water in the Middle East, ORSAM Water Research Programme

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Water in the Middle East of December 20-26, 2010

 Iranian Factory Seeking to Win License to Chlorine Factory  Project in Wasit

New Study Predicts Tensions Over Middle East Water Shortage

 ‘Iraq Benefits from Ties with Turkey’

Minister: Egypt Will not Supply Water to Israel

 World Bank Approves Greater Beirut Water Supply Project

HRW Critique That Doesn’t Hold Water

 Cabinet Approves Regulations of Water Law

Syria Launches Its First ‘Water-Scarcity Park’

World’s Thirstiest Country Yemen May Be First To Run Out Of Water

Turkish PM Hails Growing Syria Links

 Iraq Rice Yield up as Water,  Power Supplies Grow

 Abu Dhabi Sees Regional Threats to Water Supply

 Sharing of Nile Water Should not be Politicised

 2011 World Water Week Calls for Seminar Proposals

 Outcomes of the 2010 World Water

 To read ORSAM’s report please click on the link below: http://www.orsam.org.tr/en/enUploads/MiddleEastBulletin/2010128_orsamwater.no.1.eng.pdf

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