Elections in the North of Iraq: Kurdistani List accused of fraud

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Kurdistani list denies fraud allegations

By Wladimir van Wilgenburg


The Service and Reformation List (Four Party List) and the Change List (Gorran) accuse the Kurdistani List in involvement of fraud in Erbil and Duhok. The Kurdistani list denies the allegations. According to the Kurdish opposition there was especially fraud in Erbil when the IHEC extended the voting with one hour from 18.00 pm till 19.00 for technical problems with names and the hot weather.

The Kurdish opposition list says the Kurdistani List let unregistered people vote several times and pushed out observers of the opposition from some polling stations in Duhok and Erbil. On IUK.org, the website of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan (IUK), a press declaration of the Four Party list said that there was massive voting fraud. “Everybody in Kurdistan knows what happened”. IUK manager in Erbil, Saeed Abdullah, said that they reported violations in Erbil and Duhok to the IHEC.

Both lists also complain that the Iraqi Independent Electoral Commission (IHEC) is not neutral in their observer status and influenced by the Kurdistan Democratic Party lead by Massoud Barzani and part of the Kurdistani list. Gorran manager in Zakho Idris Sheranshi said in a statement on his blog that Gorran has filed hundreds of complaints and also claimed IHEC officials were involved in fraud.

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