Of tyrant rulers and innocent people – Rauf Naqaishbendi

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Of tyrant rulers and innocent people

  • KurdishMedia.com – By Rauf Naqaishbendi
  • 08/05/2009

When tyrants reign with absolute power, they make every effort to weaken the will and spirit of the people. They employ every harsh measure to subdue the object of their oppression understanding when the people band together to rise against them, it will be their ultimate downfall. Because wealth is a vital aspect of this absolute power, these tyrants, in pursuit of their power domination, loot the wealth of the nations in order to further secure their authority. This is the historical pattern of the rule of tyrants. An especially tragic example of this subject, that is the ruthlessness of tyrants and the innocence of people, can be seen in the inhumane conditions the Iraqi Kurds must endure under the self-seeking reign of two modern day tyrants, Jala Talabani and Masoud Barzani. This situation must be brought into the light.

One who isn’t familiar with the Kurdish situation might wonder if the Kurds themselves are insane, for they found themselves with not only one bad leader, but with two? Why would they allow their situation to be doubly damaged? Why don’t they simply choose a good leader? The answer is simple: it is not the Kurds’ desire to have these debauched men as their leaders, but rather the result of very unfortunate circumstances. Barzani and Talabani are locked in a power struggle. If either of the two could kill the other and all his armed followers, he would. But they are at a stalemate, and therefore, the Kurds have been trapped as a captive audience. Even if the Kurds were able to topple one of these leaders, which would be easier to accomplish than toppling both at once, the result would be that the other ruler would then take over. The Kurds would still not be free of the tyrant.

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