The EU-Turkey-Cyprus Triangle

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The EU-Turkey-Cyprus Triangle: “Privileged Partnership Offers Turkey neither Privilege nor Partnership”,

Hugh Pope

19 June 2009

Right-wingers won big in the European elections this month, and one of their rallying cries has been that the EU should renege on its promise of an eventual place for Turkey in the European Union. In its place, they are offering a vision of “privileged partnership”. Yet leading proponents in France, Germany and elsewhere have failed to spell out what this policy might be, even though talk of a substitute arrangement for Turkey puts European credibility, intellectual honesty and long-term interests at stake.

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EU expert says clear-cut accession date key for Turkey

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EU expert says clear-cut accession date key for Turkey


Can Baydarol, expert in European Union affairs and EU membership activist

Europe Without Borders coordinator for the Turkish International Transporters Association, he teaches European Union affairs at Kültür University in İstanbul. One of the founding members of the Turkey-EU Foundation (TAV), established in 2004, he served as a researcher for several institutions on European law, Turkish-European relations and the harmonization of the Turkish system with EU law. He has appeared on many television and radio programs on Turkey-EU relations and writes a column for the Finansal Forum newspaper. Among his books are “Medeniyetler Buluştuğunda” (When Civilizations Meet), 2004, and “AB ile Tam Üyelik Yolunda Avrupa Topluluğu ile Gümrük Birliği” (Customs Union with the European Community on the Way to the Membership with the EU), 1995.


European Union expert Can Baydarol says Turkey needs to pressure the EU to obtain an unequivocal accession date for full membership, as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a historic visit to Brussels on Jan. 19 to revive the country’s EU accession bid.

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Erdoğan chides EU for not being fair to Turkey

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