Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will make visits to Iraq in January

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 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will make critical visits to Iraq in January. Davutoğlu will travel to Iraq prior to Erdoğan and will visit Baghdad, Kirkuk and Karbala cities.

A new government was formed in Iraq last week nine months after the general elections.


TURKEY-IRAQ RELATIONS: History and Openings towards the Future

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The joint organizers of the international symposium titled “Turkey-Iraq Relations: History and Openings towards the Future” has decided on the following points.

1. Continuing bilateral scientific contacts between universities and research centers in regular intervals,

2. Reviewing the phrases in school textbooks and studying together in order to correct mistaken phrases, and establishing a joint commission for the task,

3. Publishing the symposium papers in Turkish, Arabic and English, and distributing them to the universities and research centers in the two countries,

4. Holding the following Turkey-Iraq relations symposiums in Baghdad and Mosul by expanding the subject and participation, under the Iraq Ministry of Higher Education hosting,

5. Promoting the widespread teaching and learning of Turkish and Arabic in our countries,

6. Spending efforts to make possible the mutually sharing of historical resources and archival materials by attaching the necessary importance to our common historical legacy,

7. Establishing contacts with the relevant authorities in order to start scientist exchange programs.


Prof. Dr. Cezmi ERASLAN

Director of Atatürk Research Center


Prof. Dr. Muhammed El-HAMDANİ

Iraq Cultural Attache in Ankara



Director of Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies

Metnin Tamamı
Ekli Dosya
TÜRKİYE-IRAK İLİŞKİLERİ TARİHİ VE GELECEĞE YÖNELİK AÇILIMLAR ULUSLARARASI SEMPOZYUMU SONUÇ BİLDİRİSİ AÇIKLANDI: “YENİ BİR TARİH YAZALIM”ORSAM, Atatürk Araştırma Merkezi ve Irak Büyükelçiliği Kültür Ataşeliği işbirliğiyle 9-10 Haziran 2010 tarihlerinde Ankara’da “Türkiye ve Irak İlişkileri Tarihi ve Geleceğe Yönelik Açılımlar” başlıklı bir uluslararası sempozyum düzenlendi. Sempozyumda Türkiye’den ve Irak’tan çok sayıda akademisyen, uzman ve stratejist sunum yaptı.

Bakan Mehmet Aydın: “Ortadoğu’nun Tarihini Beraber Yeniden Yazalım”

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Triumph of the Turks

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Triumph of the Turks

Turkey is the surprising beneficiary of U.S. misadventures in the Middle East.

By Owen Matthews and Christopher Dickey | NEWSWEEK 

Published Nov 28, 2009

From the magazine issue dated Dec 7, 2009

Archibald Wavell himself could scarcely have imagined how horribly accurate his prediction would prove to be. Having watched in dismay as the victorious European powers carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I—”the war to end war”—the British officer commented that they had instead created “a peace to end peace.” And sure enough, the decades since have spawned a succession of colonial misrule, coups, revolutions, and an epidemic of jihadist violence. The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 could be viewed as a last-ditch attempt by the world’s sole remaining superpower to impose order on the region. Instead, the net result was to create a power vacuum, leaving Iraq too weak to counterbalance its neighbors and threatening to destabilize the whole map.

Turkey, the old seat of Ottoman power, did its best to stay out of that fight, refusing even to let U.S. forces cross Turkish soil for the 2003 invasion. Still, it’s the Turks—not the Iranians, as many observers claim—who are now emerging as the war’s real winners. In economic terms Turkey is running neck and neck with Iran as Iraq’s biggest trading partner, even as most U.S. businesses sit helplessly on the sidelines. And in terms of regional influence, Turkey has no rival. The country’s stern-faced prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is working to consolidate that strength as he asserts Turkey’s independence in a part of the world long dominated by America. Next week he’s in Washington to meet with President Obama, but only a few weeks ago he stood shoulder to shoulder with his “good friend” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran and defended Iran’s nuclear program.

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Turkey, Iraq launch new term with new partnership model in region

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Ahmet Davutoglu and Hoshyar Zebari

Turkey, Iraq launch new term with new partnership model in region

Turkish and Iraqi ministers held a series of meetings during Turkey-Iraq High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council in Istanbul.
World Bulletin / News Desk

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Friday they lauched a new term with a new partnership model with Iraq in the region, behaving as one state, Turkish media said.

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Turkey’s Mesopotamian vision

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Turkey’s Mesopotamian vision


Gürkan Zengin


g.zengin@todayszaman.comEarlier this week, we were in Baghdad with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and had a chance to observe the current state of Turkish-Iraqi relations.


















Given the fact that the likelihood of an armed conflict was considerably high in 2007, it is really surprising to see this perfect harmony in relations attained in the hot summer days of 2009. Not only was successful crisis management implemented by Turkey, but also the good-intentioned and cool-headed approach adopted by the Maliki government in Baghdad was effective in the transition from crisis to vision.

The High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council, established between the two countries in 2008, was a major indicator of this transition. Signed in Baghdad, the agreement setting up this committee provides for the integration, not mere cooperation, between the two countries. Thanks to this agreement, Turkish-Iraqi relations have gone beyond ordinary bilateral relations and acquired an institutional character. As a matter of fact, eight major ministers from the two countries gather twice or thrice every year. And at least once, a sort of joint cabinet convenes under the chairmanship of the two prime ministers.

Speaking on the matter, Davutoğlu explained: “We intend to undertake such an enormous project that these two countries, which are natural extensions of each other in terms of sharing the same basin, can fully integrate in infrastructure, energy, transportation and commerce. In determining which ministries should be among these eight major ministers, we took into consideration those capable of realizing this vision.”

Indeed, this perfect harmony between Turkey and the central government in Baghdad lays the ground for the novel Mesopotamian vision among Turkey, Iraq and Syria and signifies a vision that has the potential to give back to Mesopotamia its past grandeur.

One of the fundamental legs of this vision might be the revival of the İstanbul-Basra railway project. This project was discussed once again during the last meeting, and we can say that there is almost complete agreement on it. Davutoğlu expounds that this vision will also be beneficial to the European Union. “Connecting Turkey and Iraq via a railway means that the EU is connected to Basra. In other words, a train will be able to depart from Belgium and arrive in the Gulf without a problem. In the past, the Spanish, the Portuguese and the British would have to go around the Cape of Good Hope to access the Indian Ocean. Now, we will provide a shortcut.”

No one should be surprised to see a natural gas pipeline laid parallel to the existing Kirkuk-Yumurtalık oil pipeline in addition to the interconnectedness of the transportation lines of Turkey and Iraq. (Obviously, this can come true if the political tension in the region is eased. Considering these developments together with the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline, one feels nothing but extreme enthusiasm over the potential.)

During this visit by Davutoğlu to Baghdad, the Turkish side submitted its projects to Iraqi officials. During the next month, eight Iraqi ministers will develop their own projects and visit Ankara. In late October or early November, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will pay a visit to Baghdad for a meeting chaired by the two prime ministers.

Can the Mesopotamian vision be implemented?

Bilateral relations between Turkey and Syria are just perfect. A similar description can also be used for relations between Ankara and Baghdad. There is no major obstacle in sight for Turkey to implement this vision as a catalyst. The implementation of this vision will be beneficial to all countries in this region called Mesopotamia, a stretch of land that always acted in unity in the past.

We see that Turkey’s target of having zero problems with neighbors has largely been attained. Turkey’s new target with respect to its immediate region is as Davutoğlu puts it, “maximum relations with neighbors.” The Mesopotamian vision will be a major ingredient of this target.

This last visit to Baghdad has shown that this vision, developed in Ankara, was found acceptable by Baghdad and Damascus. The weakest link in its implementation seems to be the Barzani administration in Arbil.


15 August 2009, Saturday


Turkish-Iraqi Relations: From Friendship to Family Ties

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Turkish-Iraqi Relations: From Friendship to Family Ties

 by Hasan Kanbolat, Director of ORSAM  

 The relations between Turkey and Iraq, whom Turkey lived with under “one roof” for approximately 500 years (1534-1917) during the Ottoman era, are moving in a fast and positive direction. The relationship between the two countries has changed from that of friendship into one of familial ties. The existent religious, linguistic, cultural, ethnic and historic ties between the two countries are reviving. A period of multifaceted and multidimensional mutual relations has begun.

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Turkey offers ‘limitless’ cooperation with Iraq

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Turkey offers ‘limitless’ cooperation with Iraqdavutoglu-zebari
Turkey is ready to engage in limitless cooperation with regional countries in order to once again turn the Mesopotamian region, which was once the cradle of a succession of glorious civilizations, into a prosperous area, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Tuesday during an official visit to Baghdad. 
Tuesday’s visit was Davutoğlu’s first visit to the Iraqi capital in his capacity as foreign minister; however, he had visited the neighboring country several times when he was the chief foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before being appointed to his current post in May. Continue Reading Turkey offers ‘limitless’ cooperation with Iraq…

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