Infrastructure map of Iraq’s provinces to be established

September 30, 2011 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Turkmens | Leave a comment
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Turan MÜFTÜ, State Minister responsible for Provinces, announced that an infrastructure map of all Iraq’s provinces would be established

State Minister responsible for provinces  Turan MÜFTÜ stated that drawing of the infrastructure and investment maps had started. These maps will enable correct implementation of the investments to be made in provinces, support the technical and scientific development of the infrastructure and provide steering.

Thus the infrastructure of Iraq’s province will reach the level of developed countries with scientific and beautiful structures which have been achieved with correct methods. In addition, these maps will encourage both local and foreign investors to invest in the provinces.

 Dr. Müftü requested that all those involved cooperate with ministries and their employees in order to incept this project which will benefit the Iraqi nation and is considered to be a national project.

 The High Commission for Coordination has undersigned many decisions to develop the provinces and a technical commission has been established in order to follow-up projects which have been cut during implementation. The commission has determined that very few of the projects have been completed and has presented a reported the situation to the council of ministers in a report.

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