The First Licensing Round Gets off the Ground: The Politics of Oil in Iraq

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The First Licensing Round Gets off the Ground: The Politics of Oil in Iraq

 South Oil Company

The South Oil Company (SOC) in Basra has become the point of gravity for both nationalist and regionalist opposition to the first licensing round


 By Reidar Visser (
28 June 2009

On 29 and 30 June, major international oil companies are expected in Baghdad for the “first licensing round”, where they will submit bids for 20-year technical service contracts for some of Iraq’s biggest existing oil fields (including West Qurna, Rumaila and Zubair in the Basra area, as well as Kirkuk and Bai Hassan in Tamim governorate) and gas fields in Diyala and Anbar. The awards will be announced shortly after the IOCs have presented their bids.

The awards procedure itself has been designed to be an auction that can be immune against the criticism about corruption and lack of transparency that often accompany no-bid contracts. The oil majors participating have been prequalified and will submit bids indicating simply what sort of rise in production levels they can offer and at what price per barrel. The Iraqis will then, on the bases of purely mathematical criteria, identify those companies that present the best bids. In isolation, at least, it looks good: The IOCs will compete on few and readily-understandable variables directly related to price and output; Iraq will select those IOCs that can provide the best services for Iraq.

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CRUDE DESIGNS: The rip-off of Iraq’s Oil Wealth

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Full Report: large (for printing) (2.3Mb PDF) small (screen only) (683Kb PDF) HTML version
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