PRO KRG GROUP FOUNDED IN EU PARLIAMENT – EU Parliament Forms European Friends of Kurdistan Group

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 PRO KRG GROUP FOUNDED IN EU PARLIAMENT – EU Parliament Forms European Friends of Kurdistan Group

03.11.2014 – BasNews, Brussels –



The European Union has created a special group in its parliament to support the Kurdish cause and make the world aware of Kurdish development in the Middle East.   According to a Kurdistan Regional Government representative in the European Union, Delavar Ajgeiy the European Friends of Kurdistan is a cross-party informal intergroup of the European Parliament.  He told BasNews that the group has been created with the aim of increasing awareness about the Kurdish people in the EU political arena and to enhance relations between European Union institutions and those of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq (KRG).  



“The group is open to any member of the European Parliament who has an affiliation with or sympathy for the Kurdish cause,’ said Ajgeiy. The European Friends of Kurdistan will hold regular meetings inside the Parliament, both in Brussels and Strasbourg. These meetings will provide opportunities for the group’s members to exchange views with officials from the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Kurdistan Parliament, and representatives of religious, ethnic and community groups from the Kurdistan Region, as well as members of its civil society.


The Group will organize study trips to the the Kurdistan Region, in cooperation with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Mission to the European Union, in order to allow members to interact directly with high-ranking officials of the KRG and its people.


“The KRG is a vital part of Iraq, a country which is close to the borders of the European Union. A stable and strong Kurdistan will benefit the security of Europe”, added Ajgeiy. He pointed out that there are approximately three million Kurds living within the European Union. There is need for more cultural interaction and understanding with the people of Europe.

Ajgeiy explained that the KRG has promising economic potential thanks to its strong institutions, educated workforce and large reserves of natural resources. Kurdistan can therefore be an important economic partner for the European Union. “The KRG is a positive example of a flourishing, secular democracy that is rooted in tolerance. It is a place where different ethnic and religious groups co-exist peacefully. The EU’s support would therefore help to sustain and build on these qualities,’ concluded Ajgeiy. Meanwhile, its expected on Tuesday that Masrour Barzani, the head of KRG’s intelligence services, will give a speech to the European Parliament in Brussels. He will talk about EU military support for Kurds in their fight against the Islamic State.

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