The Final Solution – Extermination, by Layla Anwar

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The post below written by Layla Anwar is A MUST READ

The Final Solution – Extermination

 By Layla Anwar – Arab Woman Blues blog

My last post on Falluja left me not depressed…depressed is the wrong word…it left me…not sad either…it left me…words left me…

Yes words left me…they took an exit…because I have no words.

This is no longer about Saddam Hussein and his non existent WMD’s. This is no longer about Dictatorship, Tyranny, and all that garbage that you’ve been fed for over 7 years…

The Truth has hit me – first it knocked on my door, but in my rationalizing mind, I thought to myself, that can’t be it — they can’t possibly want to wipe us out completely, totally…OK they hate us deeply, for no reason or maybe for all the reasons of the world…since the dawn of civilization, but surely…but…but…but…

Brainwashed, I used that same BUT you keep using…

But Falluja this time around, gave me another jolt, another thrust into another level of Truth…

The words of Paul Bremmer, the American psychopath – kept ringing in my ears – “let’s bring them down to 5 Million Iraqis, that should be sufficient “…

Again, why ?

Let’s face it, we found the WMD’s – they are made in the USA and not so Great Britain…
But why genetically modify us, why have us mutate into sterile women with dead male infants and deformed monstrous females…

What does that mean in 10 years or 20 years ? It means those who have not died of disease like cancer, will remain “handicapped”. It means that they will not produce males but only hideous females…and if they do manage to give birth, it will be to dead males…


I don’t believe that Uranium was the only agent used in Falluja. Uranium was used in other parts of Iraq — over 40 areas are heavily contaminated, in particular Mosul in the North and Basra in the South…but Falluja is something else…

I believe that something else has been used alongside Uranium on the Sunnis of Iraq.

In the Anbar you have Iranian nuclear waste being dumped, in Falluja you had Americans experimenting with new kinds of weapons…new kinds of weapons were also used in the Battle of the Airport back in 2003…

Iraqis, RESISTING Iraqis were/are their guinea pigs…

This not the story of Depleted Uranium. I can bet you anything, there’s more to it…

Zionist — America, England and Iran want us exterminated. Of that, I have no more doubts.

It’s that simple really.

It’s the final solution – a slow agonizing one…

Posted by Layla Anwar at 5.7.10

July 2, 2010

“Falluja Worse Than Hiroshima “

The information is too important not to jot down…this is a rushed post.

I just finished watching a re-run of Ahmad Mansour’s Al-Jazeera Arabic – interview with Prof.Chris Busby. Prof Busby is a Scientist and Director of Green Audit, and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks. To find out more on Prof Chris Busby and his work — Google — Chris Busby Uranium.

Prof Busby has published many articles on radiation, uranium and contamination in countries such as Lebanon, Kosovo, Gaza and of course Iraq.

His latest findings – which were the subject of the program aired on Al-Jazeera are what I will focus on here.

As some of you know, Falluja is a forbidden city. It was subjected to intense bombardments in 2004, with DU bombs and White phosphorus, and since it has become a no go zone – meaning that both the Iraqi puppet authorities and the U.S invading/occupying forces do not allow anyone to conduct any real study in Falluja. Falluja is basically under siege.

Obviously both the Americans and the Iraqis know something and are hiding it from the public. And this is where Prof. C.Busby comes in the picture. He was/is adamant to get to the bottom of what took place in Falluja in 2004.

Being a top scientist in his field, he set out to conduct a survey/research in Falluja whose preliminary results will be published in 2 weeks – hopefully.

Prof Busby found many obstacles while undertaking this project. Neither he nor any member of his team were allowed access to Falluja to conduct interviews. He said when the main door closes, one has to find other doors to open. And this is what he did. He managed to gather a team of Iraqis from Falluja to conduct the surveys for him.

The research project was based on 721 families from Falluja with 4’500 participants – living in both high level and lower level radiation zones. Results were compared to a control group – a sample of the same number of families living in a non radioactive zone in another Arab country. For the purpose of the study he chose three other countries for comparison – Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan.

Before getting into the preliminary results I must note the following :

– the Iraqi authorities threatened all the participants of this survey with arrest and detention should they cooperate with the “terrorists” who were interviewing them. In other words, they were threatened under the anti-terrorism act.

– The U.S forces prohibited Dr.Busby for gathering any data, arguing that Falluja is an insurgency zone.

– The doctors from Falluja turned down the request to be aired live on the Ahmad Mansour program because they had received several death threats and feared for their lives.

In other words, the study was conducted under very difficult and life threatening conditions. But it was conducting nonetheless.

As the program has not been uploaded on youtube, I can’t give a word for word transcription. I took short hand notes and memorized the rest. But I will do my best to present all the facts I heard today.

So what is it that the US and its Iraqi puppets do not want the public to learn ? And why are they are not allowing any measurements of the levels of radiation in Falluja, and why did they even forbid the IAEA to enter Falluja ?

What exactly happened in Falluja ? What were the kinds of bombs used ? Was it just DU or more ?

1) One thing that is very peculiar to Falluja is that the rates of cancer have risen dramatically in a very short space of time i.e since 2004. Examples given by Dr.Busby :

– rate of Child Leukemia is 40 X (times) higher since 2004 than during previous years. And compared to Jordan for instance it is 38 X times higher.
– rate of breast cancer is 10 X higher since 2004
– rate of lymphatic cancer is also 10 x higher since 2004.

2) Another peculiarity to Falluja is the dramatic rise in infant mortality rates. Compared to 2 other Arab countries like Kuwait and Egypt who are not contaminated by radiation these are the figures :

– infant mortality rates for Falluja is 80 infants out of 1’000 births in comparison to Kuwait with 9 infants out of 1’000, and to Egypt with 19 infants out of 1’000. (so Iraqi infant mortality rate is 4 times higher than Egypt and 9 times higher than Kuwait)

3) the third peculiarity to Falluja is the number of genetic deformities that has suddenly exploded since 2004. This is a subject I’ve already covered in the past. But this is not the whole story, today I learned something else. The radiation of whatever agent that was used by the “liberating forces”, not only causes massive genetic deformities but also and this is very important :

– it causes structural changes at the cellular level.

– which in turns means due to the genetic make up of male infants (lack of X chromosome), male infants are more likely to die at birth, and female infants are more likely to survive birth with strong deformities. And here another example is given by Dr.Busby : prior to 2003 the birth rates in Falluja were as follows : 1050 male infants to 1000 female infants. In 2005, there has been only 350 male infants born – meaning that male infants do not survive.

– as for the female infants and this is where the tragedy lies…radiation causes change at the DNA level, which means that these same female if they do survive, and if they do reproduce will give birth to genetically disfigured females and dead male infants.

– the above findings are backed by other studies conducted on the children and grandchildren of Hiroshima survivors (in 2007) and which show that even the third generation exhibits genetic malformations including disease(cancer, heart, etc…)by a rate of 50 X times. In Chernobyl on the other hand, studies on animals in the same area have shown that the effects of radiation have genetically modified 22 generations. In sum radiation is transmitted from gene to gene and has a cumulative effect with time. (won’t go into how – with cells accumulation/ memory and the working of the immune system – here. You can read more details about that once Prof Busby’s paper is published)

– Some of the infant deformities are so grotesque that both Al-Jazeera and the BBC who produced a documentary on the same subject – refused to air pictures to their viewers. Examples of deformities which Ahmad Mansour has pictures of are :
* children born without eyes
* children with two and three heads
* children born with no orifices
* children born with brain and eye/retina malignant tumors
* children born with vital organs lacking
* children born with missing limbs or extra ones
* children born with no genitals
* children born with severe cardiac malformation

and more…

– on that same point, doctors in Falluja were asked for the purpose of the study to note the rates of birth defects in the space of one month and compare to a previous month and this is the result : in the space of one month alone births with defects rose from 1 x day (previous month) to 3 x day (current month designated for the study which was February 2010)

– Uranium is fed into the blood stream through ingestion and inhalation. The massive levels of Uranium the people of Falluja were subjected to also accounts for the vertiginous rise in lung, lymph nodes and breast cancers in adults.

-there are 40 other sites (areas) in Iraq heavily contaminated but Falluja is the WORST hit.

Already with these preliminary findings, Prof. Busby and his team concluded that in comparison to Hiroshima and Nagazaki – Falluja was worse. And I quote from Dr.Busby : ” The situation in Falluja is scary and horrendous, it is more dangerous and worse than Hiroshima…”

On a side but very related note :

I mentioned these are preliminary results – why so ?

Because Prof. Busby has been harassed and has had his research funds slashed, doors closed in his face, threatened, (alongside other scientists who tried conducting similar studies in the 90’s in Iraq), abandoned by the scientific community, mobbed –because of the nature of his work on Iraq. The political implications are enormous and dangerous for the US and its cronies. It means that the scientific evidence for War Crimes is right here at our fingertips…

Hence Prof. Busby’s life has been made very difficult. The research paper that he took great pains in conducting and producing was sent to the Lancet for reviewing at the Scientific committee level, the Lancet turned it down saying it did not have the time to review it. Labs who cooperated in the past to test samples – turned him down when they found out that the samples were from Iraq. Only 2 labs are willing to test the samples for the EXACT MATERIAL/AGENT USED IN FALLUJA – and they are willing to do so only at a very exorbitant price – again due to the sensitive nature of the study. Also due to lack of funds, Prof Busby has about 20 samples from Falluja for testing — that he is carefully safeguarding — is awaiting the necessary funds to do so.

When asked by Ahmad Mansour what makes him persevere seeing all the formidable obstacles that he has been facing – his reply was :

” All my life, I sought the Truth, I am a hunter of the Truth in a jungle of lies. I also have children. Children are not only our future, they are the carriers of future generations. For 50 years we have been contaminating the planet (with radiation) and we pass this legacy onto our children and grandchildren. We owe it to the people of Falluja to find out the Truth “

When asked how he manages with no funds and doors closing in his face – his reply was :

” I rely on the goodwill of people who send little amounts here and there, and am also a firm believer if the main door closes, open other ones. When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Hats off to you Prof. Busby.

I urge all the people reading this post, all people of conscience, I urge all the Iraqis (get a move on for God’s sake!) and all Arabs to contact Prof. Busby and to donate so the samples from Falluja can be tested and the Truth can be uncovered. And I shall end this post with a final quote from this great dedicated man

” The Truth has wings that can’t be clipped “

I have to end here. It’s early morning, I have not slept yet. I wanted to get this out to the world…the question I shall take with me to bed — if I can ever close my eyes — is the same question I have been asking since 2003 – Why ? What have the Iraqi people, what have the Iraqi children done to you to deserve all that ?

The implications are harrowing….

P.S: Paola Pisi, Editor of Uruknet found the youtube video, it has just been uploaded. I don’t know how she does these things because I’ve been searching for it for hours. Thank you Paola. Here’s another dedicated person to theTruth. If anyone can translate it fully into English I’d appreciate that. Am really too exhausted to review it now and compare it to my notes, above. Again I repeat my plea – IRAQIS GET OFF YOUR ASSES. “Foreigners” care more about your country and the Truth than you do. Shameful lot !


Tired from Iraqi News…Tired from Your Chaos. By Layla Anwar

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Tired from Iraqi News…Tired from Your Chaos.

Layla Anwar, An Arab Woman Blues

Qais Al SindiPainting: Iraqi Artist Qais Al Sindi

August 18, 2009


or Bullet points news…

I have a lot of “fresh” news from Iraq, but am very tired tonight and very depressed from what I have heard.

The destruction and resulting political, social, economic. ecological, cultural chaos is so gigantic,so monumental, that I don’t even know with which piece of news to start…

All I can tell you for tonight are two things :

1- Obama and Odierno, confirmed that much more violence is expected in Iraq. Odierno even stated that “areas of conflict” like Kirkuk and Nineveh province will require an indefinite American troop presence. The Americans want to see an Independent Kurdistan, I guarantee you that.

2 – the second piece of news I want to share with you, apart from over 7 explosions in Mosul, Kirkuk, Baghdad leaving at least 50 people dead — is that again, Iranian special forces have been caught in Hilla, Babel and parts of Baghdad, armed with explosives, alongside some alleged Al-Qaeda members. All Baghdadis know for sure and agree that this latest wave of violence is also an attempt by the sectarian parties to mobilize their electorate along sectarian lines for the upcoming election – read U.S-Iran operative with the unceasing strategy of country partition.

I said I was going to share two pieces of news only but I can’t stop now…

3- Talabani has summoned in an urgent meeting the Iranian ambassador and expressed his “grave concern” over the fact that Iran has closed off some common lake and river dams in the south and center of Iraq. Talabani assured us that Turkey will help us with some water.

4 – the effect of closing some of the dams, has made it that in some areas like in parts of Diyala along the Euphrates river, the water has flooded many rural houses forcing entire villagers to flee and loose their livelihood in the process.
Another ecological/environmental silent disaster is also taking place, next to desertification/flooding and D.U contamination, that of heavy lead pollution generated by 5 MILLION electrical generators operating on fuel on a daily basis in Baghdad alone – Since there is still no bloody electricity. End result, a dirty thick grey smog covering Baghdad’s sky. Let your UN who is dead worried about global warming and the disastrous effects of climate change, come and produce a report on the climatic/environmental lethal hazards of American occupation(s).

5 – seems that AQ is back in Al-Anbar distributing CD’s and leaflets. The tribal heads like Abu Risha’s relatives confirm it is “regional interference”.
Whenever you hear an Iraqi say regional interference assume he is meaning IRAN.

6 – 3 Sahwa members have been killed by “unknown” gunmen and AQ vows to finish the rest off – read the puppet government forces and Iranian special forces vow to finish the rest off.

7 – In October 2009, a demographic census /survey of the population was to take place under the orders of the ministry of planning. The UN has asked for it to be postponed since the general conditions for such a census cannot take place in today’s Iraq.

The Turkmen and Arabs of Kirkuk and Nineveh are objecting to it since they state they are being forcibly moved, exiled from their houses by the Kurds. This latter wants to continue its ethnic cleansing of these areas. The Sunni Arabs are against it too, since the new demographic census wants to mention population division according to SECT and ETHNICITY in specific areas of Iraq. The Kurds and Shiite puppet government want it to go through as soon as possible. How can it be carried out when there are 5 million refugees displaced inside and outside the country ??? Think of the political implications of such a thing being carried out now.

8 – latest semi official figures for corruption and theft by the puppet government.
420 BILLION DOLLARS MISSING from the Iraqi treasury.

9 – well sourced figure for number of detainees – 300’000. Maliki even said a month ago, if we release one, he can be sure we will detain him again.

10 – well sourced figure for the number of people missing – 400’000.

11 – semi official figure for the number of forged Iraqi nationalities given to non Iraqis (i.e Iranians)- 2 MILLION since 2006. Bear in mind that an Iraqi citizen cannot even get a driving license these days but the puppets do give out Iraqi nationalities to their masters, ever so easily. Do you understand why the Kurds and the puppet Shiites want a demographic census as promptly as possible ?!
Iraq is now considered not only the number 1 country in corruption, but also no.1 in the forgery of documents, from university diplomas to nationalities.

This is making me so bloody tired and so bloody angry at you bastards.

12 – Iraqi journalists, thinkers, writers are complaining that they are being constantly censored and harassed by “democracy”, that some of them don’t even have a center like in the past where they were allowed to gather for discussion and intellectual exchanges, that the authorities including the Union of Iraqi Journalists refuse to issue a journalist ID if this latter is suspected of not towing the official line…and they are asking you and asking the puppet government – what are you so afraid of ?

13 – last but not least, a wave of ABDUCTION AND KIDNAPPING of young Iraqi women is being carried out in the Baghdad suburb of Arassat Al-Hindiya by a very well organized armed group – no one seems to know who they are. No ransom money is being asked and none of the young women has been seen again.


P.S : I am VERY disappointed in Al-Jazeera Arabic and in the Iraqi presenter Leila Al-Sheikhly whom I thought highly of in the past – for not giving fair and equal air time to anti-occupation, anti-puppet Iraqi intellectuals, in exile but giving ample air time to chauvinistic Kurdish members of parliament and sectarian puppet Shiites from the government.
I suppose Leila Al-Sheikhly is just following her boss’s orders from the control room who is adamant about its pro-official Iran line. I find it sad that Al-Jazeera – Qatar, needs to stoop so low. Just thought I’d mention it.

Painting : iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi.


Four Iraqi artists interviewed (Film)

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m_gani- sketch of his monument

Sketch of Mohamed Ghani’s sculpture

18.54 Minutes of a Soul Wound.

Layla Anwar, An Arab Woman Blues

August 4, 2009

Someone forwarded me this very moving and powerful video.The four artists interviewed, summed up in 18.54 minutes, my three years of blogging.I have mentioned, referred, inferred to, in all of my previous posts — the Iraqi Soul. Yes I believe that there is a collective Soul of a People, in particular an ancient people like the Iraqis.I don’t want to say much. I invite you to watch closely this short documentary. Watch it closely with attention and listen to what is, and most importantly to what is not said.

For those of you – whose souls are not deadened out or numbed out with denial, justifications, rationalizations, apathy, indifference, spite, or greed…have some tissues handy.

18.54 minutes may sound too long for you, too long in your very busy schedules, but 18.54 minutes for us, is only a second of what we have witnessed and experienced.

A second of our errant Souls.

Errant Home : Director: Nada Doumani | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2008

To watch the film click on:

View this movie at


Synopsis: Errant Home is a film about exile and longing for home. It is an impressionist portrait of Iraq through the eyes of four well-known Iraqi artists and intellectuals: an Iraq of culture, art, diversity, tolerance, daily pleasures, perfumes and food. An Iraq lost for the time being, but not forever. Forced into exile, the protagonists – the sculptor Mohamad Ghani Hekmat, the artist Balasem Mohamad, the journalist Maysoon Al-Mousawi and Amal Al-Khodairy patron of the arts – talk, remember and dream of return.




Errant Home : Director: Nada Doumani | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2008

Liberate it ! Poem by Layla Anwar

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Liberate It ! by Layla Anwar

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki

Liberate them. Liberate this. Liberate it…
Shackles have wounded the soul, torn it apart
Chains embedded in wrists, dug into ankles, around heads,
like some embedded reporter…
Fighting the nightmare only to realize it is real,
it happened, it is happening…
No delegations à la Kerry visited,
No Pelosi came by,
No EU took photos…
Cover it up, cover it up…
Throw a blanket, a cloth,
Make it White…as white as snow.
No, better, dump them…
Mass graves, rivers, anonymous tombs…

Who will know ?
Who will speak ?



 Who will testify ?

Continue Reading Liberate it ! Poem by Layla Anwar…

Behind Walls of Silence

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Layla Anwar’s recent post:Behind Walls of Silence…



I am publishing it on my blog, because I agree totally with what Layla writes in her post and I share her feelings entirely. 

Here is what Layla writes:

A very sporadic Internet access has been a blessing…it has freed me to pursue other things – away from politics, accursed and damned politics…it has freed me to read, and read and read, watch tons of TV and renew my ties with the real world of the living…as opposed to the dead.

Continue Reading Behind Walls of Silence…

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