ITF EU Representative Dr Hassan Aydinli met with Minister Brigitte Grouwels and her political advisors in Brussels

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ITF EU Representative and Minister Brigitte Grouwels
Mr Kenan Daggün, DÜTAP Genel Baskani, Dr. Hassan Aydinli and Minister Brigitte Grouwels, Government of Brussels-Capital Region
Mr. Jos Leysen, Political Advisor of Minister Brigitte Grouwels and Dr Hassan Aydinli
Ms. Nebahat Acar, Staff Member at Minister Brigitte Grouwels’ Office and Dr. Hassan Aydinli
ITF EU Representative Dr Hassan Aydinli, Member of DÜNYA TÜRKLERİ AVRUPA PLATFORMU (DÜTAP) was invited by Minister Brigitte Grouwels to a reception at her Office in Brussels on 7th November 2013.
Minister Brigitte Grouwels, invited the members of  DÜNYA TÜRKLERİ AVRUPA PLATFORMU (DÜTAP)

to thank them for their participation in the event “MOSAIK multi-cultural festivities” she organized in the Belgian capital on 28th September 2013.

ITF EU representative, who had met with Minister Brigitte Grouwels on two previous occasions, updated her about the problems the Turkmens continue to encounter in Iraq. The Minister listened with interest and promised she would inform the members of her party (CD&V) and her colleagues at the Belgian government about the discriminations Turkmens continue to face in Iraq despite the regime change in 2003.

Dr Aydinli also informed Mr. Jos Leysen, Advisor to Minister Grouwels, about the situation of the Turkmens in Iraq.

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