Iraq’s new election officials: ‘lots of people question our abilities’

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niqash | Mustafa Habib | Baghdad | 29.11.2012

IHEC spokesperson Safaa al-Moussawi: \”We are ready\”.

In September the new members of the much debated Independent High Electoral Commission were finally elected. Some say they’re not up to the job. But their spokesperson says they will run Iraq’s 2013 elections on time.

There has been plenty of debate and discussion as to whether Iraq’s provincial elections will be heldaccording to schedule early next year.

And new members have recently been elected to Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (or IHEC), the body tasked with overseeing elections in the country.

The last committee departed somewhat ignominiously with several members, including the chairman, charged with corruption. The former chairman has said that he was not guilty and that the charges were a threat to the independence of the IHEC.

The United Nations’ Special Representative for Iraq, Martin Kobler, has emphasized the importance of the IHEC, saying that “IHEC is the most important guarantee of holding free and fair elections in Iraq, fundamental for safeguarding and sustaining the democratic process.”

The commission is now composed of four Shiite Muslims, two Sunnis, two Kurds and a Turkmen woman; the new head of the committee is a Kurd, Sarbast Mustafa Rasheed Amedi.

NIQASH talked to IHEC’s spokesperson, Safaa al-Moussawi, who is on the committee and who is also a member of current Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s mainly Shiite Muslim, ruling party, about how the new commission is coping and whether elections would indeed be held as planned early next year.

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Iraq’s 2013 provincial elections now planned for April – or are they?

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niqash | Mustafa Habib | Baghdad | 18.10.2012

Finally it looks like things are moving on for Iraq’s provincial elections. A new management body has been elected and dates set. But there are still many obstacles, politicians say, and the elections may well be delayed a third time.

Iraq will hold provincial elections next April as planned, the country’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) has said. The Iraqi Constitution says provincial elections should be held every four years and the elections decide who is running the provincial authorities in Iraq’s different states. The elections have already been postponed twice.

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Provincial Elections in the North of Iraq – Report

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Provincial elections in the north of Iraq – Report


SOITM – Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation

18TH February 2009

No: Rep.3-B1809




Provincial electons in the north of Iraq:

The Kurdish parties and the non-governing Iraqi Communities (Minorities)



An evaluation of the preliminary results of the Iraqi provincial election of 31 February 2009 yields several important conclusions.


Firstly, the absence of violence and a significant decrease in gross election fraud shows the Iraqi people’s support for the democratic process in Iraq.


Secondly, the size of turnout at 51% might be considered encouraging for the election held in a country that has only recently got rid of a fierce dictatorship and adopted democracy.


Thirdly, the election certainly shows a rejection of sectarianism by Iraqis, with some showing instead an Iraqi patriotism.


Important changes in the political make-up of the newly elected councils in the most of the cities in the north of Iraq redress much of the manipulation seen in the earlier elections. It also dramatically demonstrates the extent to which the region was governed unfairly by Kurdish parties with supported from the Peshmerga militia and their politicized security apparatus.


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Many Election Violations against Assyrians in North Iraq

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GMT 2-10-2009 1:37:41
Assyrian International News Agency

 Baghdad (AINA) — Speaking to a journalist from PUK Media in Baghdad, Mr. Yonadam Kanna, a member of the Iraqi parliament and leader of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, said on Saturday his group has filed several complaints about what he described as violations to the election law.

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Iraqi Elections: Thousands were denied vote

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Calm Iraqi election marred as thousands were denied vote

By Leila Fadel | McClatchy Newspapers

BAGHDAD — Iraqis cast ballots in 14 of the country’s 18 provinces Saturday, selecting among 14,500 candidates for 440 seats on new provincial councils.

The day was free of election-related violence, but thousands of Iraqis were unable to vote because their names were inexplicably missing from voter lists. Some confused Iraqis even wandered neighborhoods looking for a polling place that would accept their vote.

The extent of the no-vote could not be determined, but thousands of Iraqis in some locales took to the streets to protest.

McClatchy reporters located across Iraq also noted that turnout was not as sizable as previous elections.

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In this election Iraqis are celebrating Washington’s imminent departure

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Juan Cole’s comment:

American corporate media will report the Iraqi provincial elections as a vindication of the 2003 US invasion of that country, and as a sign that Iraqis are eager to be like Americans. In places like Sadr City, the teeming slums of East Baghdad, many Iraqis voted as a protest against continued US military presence. Likewise, Sunni fundamentalists saw the vote as an assertion of Iraqi sovereignty.


The elections come in the wake of the Status of Forces Agreement that pledges all US troops will be out of the country by 2011, and in the wake of the election of Barack Obama in the US, who has committed to having most US troops out in 16 months. The sharp fall in deaths of civilians and security personnel in January, to 189, is not a sign that Bush won but rather that the Iraqis have. No point in blowing things up if the US is leaving anyway, and less reason to resist the new federal Iraqi government if Sunni Arab elites can rule their own provinces.


It is not the US presence in Iraq that Iraqis are celebrating in this election but Washington’s imminent departure.

A Litmus Test for Iraq, by Reidar Visser

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A Litmus Test for Iraq

Reidar Visser

January 30, 2009

(Reidar Visser is a research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and editor of the Iraq website


Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari arrived in Basra on January 24. His mission in the southern oil port was to stump for his Reformist Front, a breakaway faction of the Da‘wa Party of the current premier, Nouri al-Maliki, ahead of Iraq’s January 31 provincial elections. His itinerary included visits to the Five Miles area — often described as a stronghold of the movement loyal to the young Shi‘i leader Muqtada al-Sadr — as well as a rally at a sports stadium. Only days earlier, he had been preceded by Maliki himself, and in the first days of 2009 numerous other national politicians trooped to Basra as well.

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Iraq’s Provincial Elections: Kurds are positioning their Peshmerga militias in front of the Polling Centres of Tuz Khurmatu

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Iraq’s Provincial Elections: Kurds are positioning their Peshmerga militias in front of the Polling Centres of Tuz Khurmatu

The Peshmerga stand in front of the polling centres in
Tuz Khurmatu.

ITC Media Kerkuk
29th January 2009

Yesterday, two police members, one of whom was an officer, have been killed in front of one of the polling centres in the city of Tuz Khurmatu (75 Km south of Kerkuk).
As usual, the identities of the perpetrators of these assassinations are not known.
Using these attacks as a pretext, the Kurds have brought the Suleymaniya battalion from the fourth squad, known as Peshmerga, to Tuz Khurmatu and they have positioned 15 elements of this battalion to each of the city’s polling centres with an excuse of weakness in security. This, despite the fact that a battalion from the Governorate of Salaheddin had arrived immediately after the attack as has been confirmed by an official source from the Ministry of Interior.

When the Tuz Khurmatu branch of the Iraqi Turkmen Front objected to this procedure the Kurds suggested they would position their Peshmerga 200 meters from the polling centres. ITF refused this proposal and demanded the withdrawal of the Peshmerga outside the boundaries of the city.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front asked the government authorities to intervene immediately and together with other political parties ITF demanded that the security of the polling districts should be under the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior in order to ensure the transparency and impartiality of the elections so as to avoid the vote rigging and forgeries committed by the Kurds during the January 2005 elections.


Iraq’s Provincial Elections of 2009

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The Yezidis, Assyrians, Mandaens, Turkmen, Shabaks and the Iraq’s Provincial Elections of 2009



Dear Members of International Communities;  Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, United Nations, European Union, Canadian Parliament, UK and US coalition forces in Iraq,


You’re Excellencies,


The Iraq’s provincial elections which are set for January 31, 2009, only few days away to come, there are hundreds of thousands of innocent Yezidis, Chaldo-Assyrians, Mandaens, Turkmen and Shabaks are worried very much about this upcoming Iraq’s provincial elections, again the Minorities are afraid their rights and hopes could be lost as they did in January 2005 Iraqi elections.

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Iraq’s Provincial Elections: The Stakes

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Iraq’s Provincial Elections: The Stakes


Baghdad/Brussels, 27 January 2009: Elections on Saturday have a potential to make still fragile Iraq more stable by reversing severe imbalances in provincial governance created four years ago, which generated deep grievances and widespread violence.

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