Keep an eye on those Kurds (Opinion)

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 keep an eye on those kurds

Keep an eye on the special meeting of the Kurdish Parliament called for today over Kurdish outrage over the Kirkuk provisions in the just-passed provincial elections law, which Kurdish leadership is calling a “coup against the Constitution.”  The Kurdish bloc is calling for a re-vote, which might make sense but would be of dubious legality.  Some (overly excitable?) Arab and Iraqi reports suggest that in addition to Talabani vetoing the provincial election law (over which the Kurds walked out of Parliament) the Kurds could pull out of Maliki’s government and potentially even bring it down. Wouldn’t it be wild if the estimably pro-US Kurds, the biggest fans of a long-term American military presence, bring down Maliki at the height of his perceived power immediately after he expressed support for the removal of US troops by 2010… over a seemingly entirely unrelated issue?  Masoud Barzani, President of the Kurdish region, is coming down to Baghdad to discuss both issues – the provincial elections and the negotiations with the US – while Maliki is still out of the country.  I doubt it will come to the worst – more likely there will be brinksmanship and some kind of resolution – but at this point it’s hard to see how the elections will happen this year, and the political scene has clearly just taken a sharp turn for the worse.  Rapidly developing story to watch carefully…

provincial election passes in its own special way

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