Iraqi Turkmen representatives invited at the 6th European Parliament – Iraq Interparliamentary Meeting (VIDEO)

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Iraqi Turkmen representatives were invited at the 6th European Parliament – Iraq Interparliamentary Meeting  – on 3rd December 2015.











photo above: the Chair of the Delegation for relations with IRAQ, Mr. David Campbell Bannerman MEP – Iraqi Turkmen Front EU Representative Dr. Hassan Aydinli, and the President of Human Rights Commission at the Iraqi Parliament and ITF President, Mr. Arshad Salihi.











Introduction by the Chair of the Delegation for relations with IRAQ, Mr. David Campbell Bannerman MEP and by the Chair of the Iraqi Parliamentary Delegation, Mr. Dhafer Salman (see photo above) also on this photo H.E. the Ambassador of Iraq to the Kingdom of Belgium.











The President of Human Rights Commission at the Iraqi Parliament and ITF President Mr. Arshad Salihi

The recording of this event is available on:  our multidevice player.

For Mr. Arshad Salihi’s speech please see at 2:10


Key speakers :

Mr. Elmark Brok, AFET Chair and AFCO Member

Mr. Yousif Mohammad Sadiq, Speaker of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Parliament

Mr. John O’Rourke, Head of Division Arabian Peninsula, Iran and Iraq at the European External Action Service

Mr. Struan Stevenson, former Chairman of the EP Delegation for Relations with Iraq.













ITF EU representative Dr. Hassan Aydinli and Mr Ayden Hilmi Aksa, Foreign Relations Advisor Republic of IRAQ Council of Representatives.













Mr. William Spencer, Intl. Institute for Law and Human Rights, Executive Director, Iraqi Turkmen Front EU representative Dr. Hassan Tawfiq Aydinli and the President of Human Rights Commission at the Iraqi Parliament and ITF President Mr. Arshad Salihi


please find the links to the web-streaming recording hereunder:

This event is also available on our multidevice player.





Iraqi Turkmen leader calls for support

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Iraqi Turkmen leader calls for support


Arshad al-Salihi called for a safe zone to support the threatened minority.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Iraqi Turkmen Front President Arshad al-Salihi has said Western countries should provide weapons to Turkmen in Iraq.

Speaking at a meeting of the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) in Ankara on Wednesday, where latest developments in Iraq and those facing Turkmen were discussed, al-Salihi said: “The West should also support us Turkmen with weapons, we are in need.”

Salihi said that the Turkmens’ lives and territory were in danger and stated that a “safe zone” should be provided for the threatened minority.

“All Turkmen, Shia or Sunni, have been exposed to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militants’ attacks,” he said.

He also stated that Turkmen had seen the most casualties during ISIL militants’ attacks on the northern Iraqi province of Mosul.

‘Biggest target’

Al-Salihi said: “Three of our deputies are still in the hands of ISIL, who call us every day saying they will cut their heads off.”

“Turkmen are the biggest target and we are being ignored.”

Referring to the militants’ attacks on Tal Afar since June, he said: “About 300,000 Turkmen have been forced to migrate to different regions, mainly to the south of Iraq and most of them will probably not be able to return.”

He added Turkmen had not received any humanitarian aid, unlike other minorities such as Christian, Yazidi and Kurds.

The president said: “Humanitarian supplies came only from Turkey.”

“We distributed all the supplies from the Turkish Red Crescent to everyone – not looking at whether they were Turkmen, Yazidi or Kurd – but today we need equal help from the West.”

‘Starvation danger’

According to al-Salihi, Iraq’s new government has also ignored Turkmen.

Last week, Nahla Sallamah, a Turkmen MP in the Iraqi parliament, said more than 350,000 Turkmen asylum seekers were in danger of starvation because the government had failed to financially support them.

The chaos created by ISIL militants has displaced more than one million Iraqis from their homes.

The group has mainly targeted Shia Muslims, Turkmens, Yazidis and Christians.

The Iraqi army failed to halt a sudden offensive by ISIL in June, which led to the group taking control of large swathes of land in the country, including the province of Mosul in the north.


Iraqi Turkmen leader survives assassination attempt

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The Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front survived an assassination attempt on Sunday. 

Assassination attempt targeted the Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Arshad al-Salihi in Iraqi province of Kirkuk on Sunday.

A land mine detonated while Salihi’s convoy was passing by en route to Taza district, 10 kilometers away from Kirkuk.

While there were no casualties, Salihi’s armoured vehicle was heavily damaged due to the blast.

Salihi told AA that they were to visit Taza, one of the most important settlements for Turkmens, and a land mine was detonated with remote control.

“The windows of my armoured vehicle were smashed due to the attack. The vehicles of my security staff were not armoured. If the land mine had detonated near them, casualties would have been high,” said Salihi.

Security forces continue to investigate the incident, noted Salihi.

Salihi stressed that the attack was organized to prevent Turkmens from pursuing their rightful causes.

Salihi said that they have made a proposal for Turkmens to establish their local security forces.

“They might have targeted us because of this demand, but we will insist on own security forces.” he said.

Turkmens in Iraq fear for their future

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  Turkmens in Iraq fear for their future

BAGHDAD – Anatolia News Agency


Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Arshad al-Salehi said the future of Turkmen in Iraq was in danger. Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, al-Salehi said some wanted Iraq to be divided into three parts, one each for Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, and did not want Turkmen in the country. Al-Salehi said Turkmen were now in need of “full support” because their future was in danger.

Al-Salehi said the Turkmen Front would attend a national conference to be held in Iraq in the coming days, representing Turkmen. They would then present their demands at the conference, he said. “We will ask support of everyone there. We will hold talks. We will demand meetings from political groups and parties,” he said. Turkmen should be regarded as the cement of Iraq, he said.


Les Turkmènes veulent disposer d’une force turkmène pour protéger leur communauté dans le nord de l’Irak

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La demande des Turkmènes d’Irak

Les Turkmènes demandent une force armée à Kirkuk


Updated 14.07.2009 11:30:49 UTC

Les Turkmènes en Irak ont transmis au gouvernement de Bagdad, leur demande de disposer d’une force armée à Kirkuk.

Les Turkmènes demandent également la création d’une force de paix à Kirkuk.

Le président provincial du Front turkmène, Erşad Salihli a affirmé que les régions turkmènes souhaitaient être protégées par des Turkmènes.

Notant que les forces de sécurité n’étaient pas capables d’assurer la sécurité des Turkmènes de Kirkuk, Salihi a relevé que pour cette raison, la ville avait besoin d’une force armée spéciale.

Soulignant qu’une force de sécurité avait été mise en place à la suite de la tension survenue à Arbil en 1996, Salihi a noté vouloir la mise en place d’une telle force à Kirkuk.

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