Iraq: British are handing over to the US not to Iraqis

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Iraq: the war was wrong, the campaign against it was right


From Iraq to Afghanistan
Cartoon: Steve Bell

The British occupation of the South of Iraq has ended in unmitigated disaster. British soldiers leave Basra in a much worse condition than they found it, its population depleted and demoralised, its infrastructure devastated.


Stop the War President Tony Benn says: “The campaign against the Iraq war has been proved correct. The withdrawal of the British troops leaves Iraq in no better state than when they arrived.”

The failure to develop any kind of civil society or even to train up Iraqi forces is underlined by the fact the British are handing over to the US not to Iraqis. Every death of a British service man or woman in this war has been a tragedy, made more acute by the pointlessness of the operation.

How can they?

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A U.S. citizen who cares about the catastrophic situation in Iraq due to the destruction of the country’s infrastructure by the US-UK and the 12 years criminal  sanctions  they imposed on the Iraqi people asks: How can they?

Comment posted on Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi’s piece below

I was in Iraq in 2001. Saw the silent and rusting water plants
bombed in the 1991 war and unable to be repaired due to the US UK sanctions on parts needed.

Visited the Bashra children’s hospital with rooms and hallways overflowing with children dying from leukemia , other cancers and diarrhea from drinking sewer polluted water.

Our members of Congress have been aware of these conditions,
far worsened by another war in 2003 and continuing now.
How can they, and the millions of Americans who
support them, proudly stand and continue to wave our flag for THEIR freedom and democracy?

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Falling oil prices shatter Iraqi budget forecasts

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By James Cogan
20 December 2008

The fall in world oil prices is slashing the revenues of the US-backed regime in Iraq, forcing it to drastically reduce its projected budget for 2009. Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh told a recent conference in London: “The decline in oil prices has serious implications on the Iraqi economy.”

As much as 90 percent of the Iraqi government budget is derived from oil revenues—despite more than five years of so-called “reconstruction” and the expenditure of tens of billions of dollars in US and Iraqi funds. Outside of employment in the military, the police and other security-related occupations and the salaries paid in the nepotistic and corrupt state apparatus, little in the way of economic activity has developed under US military occupation.

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Consequences of U.S. Invasion and Occupation

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By Michael Schwartz

24 October, 2008

As the Smoke Clears in Iraq: Even before the spectacular presidential election campaign became a national obsession, and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression crowded out other news, coverage of the Iraq War had dwindled to next to nothing. National newspapers had long since discontinued their daily feasts of multiple — usually front page – reports on the country, replacing them with meager meals of mostly inside-the-fold summary stories. On broadcast and cable TV channels, where violence in Iraq had once been the nightly lead, whole news cycles went by without a mention of the war.

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