IRAQ: Erbil hosts a conference in support of Women

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IRAQ: Erbil hosts a conference in support of Women

Alsumaira TV reports, “With the participation of Iraqi and foreign organizations and in the presence of Ambassadors to Iraq and officials from Kurdistan and Baghdad, Arbil hosted a conference on the role of women in building peace and reconciliation in Iraq. The conference criticized the political parties in Iraq and the central government over ‘marginalizing’ women in the new government.” The conference ends today, it was a two-day conference. It was an international conference. And it says a great deal about the English-speaking press, or rather, the lack of coverage does.

 see video:
Were this a business conference, there would be the financial press covering it as well as write ups in the general press. Were it on cholera or any of the illnesses that so frequently plague Iraq, the health press would cover it and the general press would do a few write ups. Were it on ‘security,’ the entire press would be ga-ga over it ‘reporting’ with advertising copy. But when the conference deals with women, where’s the press?

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