US crimes against humanity in Iraq

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If only Steven Green, Lynndie England, and Abeer al-Janabi were George Bush

Abu Ghraib –  US soldier torturing and humiliating Iraqi detainee 2009-12-29

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 Article by Correspondent Dallas Darling.

It was Joseph Stalin who said, “Kill one and you are a murderer, kill thousands and you are a legend.” It is a quote that every American should contemplate, especially in regards to former president Georg Bush’s pre-emptive war in Iraq, and the impact it has had on millions of Iraqis and Americans.

While George Bush enjoyed a warm and comfortable Christmas celebration in his million dollar mansion nestled in the wealthy suburb of Prescott Hollow, and while he is ringing in the New Year with his family and friends and with the finest foods and wine, does he and Americans grasp the horrible truth that pre-emptive wars leads to post-emptive murders, post-emptive rapes, and post-emptive torture?

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