I am a European woman who feels concerned in the difficult situation of the Turkmens of Iraq.

Northern Iraq has been the homeland of the Iraqi Turkmens for over a millennium.

Since the creation of the Iraqi State in 1921 – as a consequence of WW1 which caused the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and the inclusion of the actual north of Iraq into the Iraqi State – the Turkmens have been systematically discriminated, marginalized and oppressed for geopolitical and economical reasons as the region where they are concentrated “Turkmeneli” contains huge oil and gas reserves. 

The successive Iraqi governments have tried to assimilate the Turkmens and they have purposely underestimated their number and their true representation in Iraq.

Since the occupation of Iraq in 2003 by the US-UK coalition, the situation of the Turkmens has deteriorated even further as a result of the US decision to allow the Kurdish parties and their militias  to penetrate, occupy and control Kerkuk and all other important Turkmen towns and cities as a reward for their collaboration during the invasion of Iraq.


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