Saad Mahmoud Jawad, Iraqi Musician

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To listen to Saad Mahmoud Jawad, Iraqi Oud player


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Select : Saad Mahmoud Jawad


Then on : « Ecouter un titre » on top right corner

Saad Mahmoud Jawad
oud IraK
  Connu pour incarner le passage entre héritage et tradition vivante, Saad Mahmoud Jawad est aujourd’hui un des plus grands espoirs de la musique classique irakienne. Après avoir suivi l’enseignement des plus grands maîtres du oud irakien : Munir Bashir, Muataz Mohammad Saleh et Salem Abdelkader, il sera diplômé du Conservatoire national de musique de Bagdad. Aujourd’hui, il est à son tour consacré maître du luth arabe. Très vite, il se verra nommé “meilleur joueur de oud en Irak” en 2000 et “Chevalier du Oud ” en 2001 par le conseil irakien de la culture. Son jeu et son style, passionnés et rayonnants, reconnaissables dès la première note, lui ont permis de s’imposer sur la scène musicale internationale. Il s’est produit dans de nombreux festivals comme le Rabat Music Festival au Maroc, l’Aqaba Festival en Jordanie, ou encore à la Conference of Arab Music en Algérie. Mais Saad Jawad ne se limite pas à la diffusion de son art : il enseigne déjà depuis plusieurs années à de nombreux élèves qui l’accompagnent parfois dans ses tournées à l’étranger, comme ce fut le cas en    
  2005 au festival de musique universitaire de Belfort en France. Artiste complet, virtuose et pédagogue, surnommé le « chevalier irakien aux doigts d’or », il poursuit son cheminement en quête de nouvelles rencontres. Conscient de ses responsabilités d’héritier d’une école irakienne plusieurs fois centenaire (VIIe siècle), il met à contribution chacune de ses performances pour ouvrir encore et toujours le dialogue entre les cultures.

Consequences of U.S. Invasion and Occupation

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By Michael Schwartz

24 October, 2008

As the Smoke Clears in Iraq: Even before the spectacular presidential election campaign became a national obsession, and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression crowded out other news, coverage of the Iraq War had dwindled to next to nothing. National newspapers had long since discontinued their daily feasts of multiple — usually front page – reports on the country, replacing them with meager meals of mostly inside-the-fold summary stories. On broadcast and cable TV channels, where violence in Iraq had once been the nightly lead, whole news cycles went by without a mention of the war.

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WCSPC Solidarity with the Iraqi War Prisoners

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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Press Release
The World Commission for the Solidarity with POWs and detainees in Iraq (WCSPD) will be holding a press conference in Brussels-Belgium, Tuesday November 4th, at 10:30 a.m.

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Kurds Responsible for Attacks on Assyrians in Mosul

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GMT 10-24-2008 2:19:36
Assyrian International News Agency
(AINA) — Middle East Online published an article in Arabic on Thursday exposing the dominant Kurdish parties as responsible for violence against the Assyrian from Mosul, which has seen 14 Assyrians killed and 15,000 displaced (AINA 10-16-2008).

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الدائرة الاعلامية






تؤكد الجبهة التركمانية العراقية بأنها مع التصريح الذي ادلى به دولة رئيس الوزراء نوري المالكي بأن ما يحدث ضد اخوتنا في الله و الأرض و الوطن المسيحيين و الذي جاء فيه ان “ ما تعرض له المسيحيون في الموصل هو جزء من مخطط سياسي“. و تطالب الجهات المختصة بكشف المخططين لهذه الجريمة و المنفذين لها، خاصة و انها اعلنت في تصريح اعلامي سابق معرفتها بالجهة المخططة و المنفذة و بأنها ستكشف عنها. و تشير الى ان هذه الجريمة السياسية انما بدأت بعد الضجة التي احدثتها الغاء المادة 50 من قانون انتخاب مجالس المحافظات و الموافقة على المادة 24 منه لخلق قضية في العراق تبعد المسؤولين عن هذه المادتين.

اذ تستنكر الجبهة التركمانية العراقية استهداف الأخوة المسيحيين في الموصل تطالب في الوقت نفسه بحمايتهم و اعادتهم الى مناطقهم السكنية و تؤيد البيان الذي اصدره ممثلو الطوائف المسيحية بشأن موقف الكنيسة من مشروع اقامة حكم ذاتي للمسيحيين في الموصل يرتبط بادارة الشمال و الذي جاء به “ نحن نريد العيش الى جانب اخواننا في كل مكان في العراق من الشمال وحتى البصرة فكيف يمكن ان نعيش في منطقة صغيرة، هذا لا نريده ونريد ان نتواصل مع الحكومة المركزية دوما ونحن دائما مرتبطون بها ولا نريد ان نعيش داخل قفص”.


ان في العراق الحق للجميع بمختلف اديانهم و طوائفهم و مذاهبهم و قومياتهم، حق يكفله الدستور، و على الجيمع ان يتعاونوا لأجل ان ينالوا حقوقهم، و في الحقوق لا توجد اقلية او اكثرية فالكل متساوون امام الله و الدستور و القانون.

و عاش العراق موحدا ارضا و شعبا.




العنوان: كركوك- طريق بغداد- قرب بناية المحافظة


                                                  Adres:Kerkük. Bağdat yolu. Valilik binası yanında




Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power

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Review of James Petras’ book

By Stephen Lendman



October 22, 2008 – Global Research” — James Petras is Binghamton University Professor Emeritus of Sociology. His credentials and achievements are long and impressive as a noted academic figure on the left. A well-respected Latin American expert, and a longtime chronicler of the region’s popular struggles.

He’s also a prolific author of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, including his latest titled “Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power” and subject of this review. It follows from his earlier 2006 book: “The Power of Israel in the United States” that documented the Israeli Lobby’s enormous influence over US Middle East policy and its destructive effects.

Petras continues the story in his latest book. Asks is Israel good for America, and responds by exposing and critiquing American Zionism. Its powerfully destructive influence. Its stranglehold on US politics, academia, the media, clergy, and over all segments of society voicing dissent. He debunks the notion that the Israeli Lobby is like all others and provides convincing evidence of its influence and veto power over war and peace, trade and investment, multi-billion dollar arms sales, and all Middle East policy issues under Democrat and Republican administrations alike.

Every Petras book is important. So is this one at a time the most powerful Washington Lobby is assured that a new administration will continue and expand the current “Global Wars on Terrorism.” Petras explains the dangers. The current disastrous foreign adventurism. America’s economic decline as a result, and the calamitous global fallout overall. High-level officials won’t read this book, but they should. To realize the dangers of their destructive policies. How they threaten the republic’s survival and are heading the nation for insolvency and ruin.

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Najim Chechen, an Iraqi Turkmen Artist (Video)

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About the Artist

Najim H. Chechen

Najim Chechen, an ethnic Turkmen, was born in Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, and has been living in the United States for the past 23 years. He is a professional artist who creates sculpture, pastels and drawings, and who specializes in the human figure.

Mr. Chechen received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Baghdad in 1970 and his Master of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in 1984. After he refused an order to return to Iraq, he was stripped of his Iraqi citizenship by the Saddam Hussein government in 1983. Ten years later, he was naturalized as a U.S. citizen.

The artist has performed dozens of works on commission for clients in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. He has exhibited frequently locally, nationally and internationally and received numerous awards, scholarships and honors.

In the 1980s, he created sculpture based on the daily experiences and struggles of the Iraqi people. “At the time, many people were persecuted by the regime,” he says. “This was especially the case of those belonging to the ethnic minorities, like myself. They had to struggle with feelings of fear, humiliation and the injustice of discrimination.”

Chechen recently visited Iraq for the first time in almost a quarter century. He was disturbed by the extent of the destruction caused by the war and the devastated lives of the people. His most recent sculptures express these feelings. But in addition to despair, they also embody hope for the future.

“Much of my work expresses the struggle for daily existence,” Chechen says. “The figures express ambition and a yearning for hope and peace. My figures depict simple people who are looking life in the face. I have chosen to model them in textures that are rough and even homely to suggest commonplace people who endure a life with rough edges and hardship. In my work, the viewer can feel the presence of a vulnerable human spirit.”

The plight of his people today is in stark contrast with their proud and ancient cultural heritage as the cradle of civilization. Through his work, Chechen celebrates that heritage. He says that many have forgotten that “this ancient land of Iraq is the land of Mesopotamia. This land is the land that gave us the legendary Tales of the Thousand and One Arabian Nights. This is the land of the legendary Garden of Eden. On this land, so many prophets have walked and been lain to rest. This is the fatherland of Abraham.”

Chechen lives in Orange County, NY with his artist wife, Caroline Schulz. He founded the Fine Arts Studios Sculpture Center, which operates year-round sculpture workshops as well as a bronze-casting foundry. He is also co-founder of the Hudson Valley Sculptors Society.





Exhibition of Najim Chechen’s works at the Turkish Center, New York


 To watch the video please click on:

Why Islam is against Usury

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The facts about Usury: Why Islam is Against Lending Money at Interest

by Sahib Mustaqim Bleher

At times of economic hardship, when every good idea fails, just because “the money can’t be found”, when a decline in services is explained with the need “to reduce the deficit”, when business can’t afford new investment because of the “high cost of borrowing”, when mortgage rates have gone up so much that it becomes diffcult to maintain a decent living standard, many small savers still think that high interest rates mean at least that they get the most out of their savings. The truth is, they pay more than they get.According to most govemments the only ways to control the deficit are to raise taxes or to cut govemment spending. However, considering that the deficit continues to grow simply because of the exorbitant amounts of compound interest added to the original debt, one of the most effective ways to reduce the deficit would be to reduce interest rates.

Lower interest rates = lower deficit

In fact, at zero interest, the debt would not grow at all, and the large amounts of money spent in servicing the debt could be used to pay it off.Now consider what the Qur’ân has to say on the subject of usury, that is lending money at interest:

Those who devour usury will not stand except as stands one whom the devil by his touch has driven to madness. That is because they say: Trade is like usury: but Allah has permitted trade and forbidden usury…. Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity, for He loves not any ungrateful sinner…. O you who believe, fear Allah and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if you are indeed believers. If you do it not, take notice of war from Allah and His messenger, but if you repent you shall have your capital sums; deal not unjustly, and you shall not be dealt with unjustly. And if the debtor is in difficulty, grant him time til it is easy for him to repay. But if you remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if you only knew. [Surah al Baqarah, verse 275-280 ].

How urgently is this message needed in a world where the “debt crisis” threatens to destroy and annihilate our civilisation, were open warfare is increasingly the consequence of the anxiety and suffering that spring from third world debt.
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TÜRKMENELİ TV – Petrol konusunda yasadışı faaliyetlerini sürdüren Kuzeydeki Yerel Kürt Yönetimi Bağdat’tan bir darbe daha aldı.


Bağdat Yerel Kürt Yönetimine petrol cezası kesti.

Parlamento üyesi Usame El Nuceyfi Hükümetin Kuzeye bölgelerindeki petrol kuyularından petrol kaçakçılığını sürdüren Yerel Kürt Yönetimine 200 milyon dolarlık ceza kestiğini belirtti.

Parlamentodaki El İrakiye Listesi Milletvekili Usame El Nuceyfi, Bağda yönetiminin Kuzeydeki Kürt yönetimine 200 milyon dolarlık kaçakçılık cezası kestiğini ve bu paranında Kürtlerin yıllık bütçesinden kesileceğini bildirdi.

Bağdat’ta basın açıklamalarında bulunan Milletvekili Usame El Nuceyfi, Kuzeydeki Kürt yönetimini petrolü ucuz paralarla satmakla da suçlayarak Kürt sorumlusu Neçrivan Barzani’nin Kuzey illerdeki kuyulardan çıkarılan petrolün dünya pazarına çıkarılması yönündeki isteğini de eleştirdi.

Liderliğini eski Başbakan İyad Allavi’nin yaptığı El İrakiye listesi Miletvekili Usama El Nuceyfi açıklamasında bu gibi tasarrufların yetkisi sadece merkezi hükümette bulunduğunu Kürt yönetiminin yasa dışı faaliyetlerine devam ettiklerini dile getirdi.

Kürt yönetiminin petrolü dünya ülkelerine ihrac etmek yönündeki isteklerinin gerçekleşmeyeceğini belirtten El Nuceyfi, komşu ülkelerin sadece merkezi hükümetle irtibatta olduklarını ve diğer konularda olduğu gibi petrol konusunda da civar ülkelerin muhatabı Bağdat olduğunun altını çizdi.Bu arada Petrol Bakanlığı da yerel Kürt yönetiminin petrol konusundaki çalışmalarını yasa dışı olarak nitelendiriyor ve Kürt yerel yönetiminin yabancı petrol şirketleriyle yaptığı tüm anlaşmaların Irak yasalarına aykırı oldğunu bildiriyor.

Kurdish Forces Confiscating Ration Cards, Weapons from Assyrians in North Iraq

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GMT 10-22-2008
Assyrian International News Agency

Mosul, Iraq (AINA) — Kurdish soldiers carried out a search operation in Assyrian homes in Mosul between September 15 and the beginning of October, confiscating weapons the families were keeping for protection. The confiscations and searches were only carried out in Assyrian homes, especially in the Al Sakr and Al Bakr neighborhoods. One man, speaking on condition of anonymity, says he was the only non-Muslim in his neighborhood. Soldiers from the mainly Kurdish Second Army Unit in Mosul came to his house in three military vehicles, ordering him to surrender any weapons he had. They did not approach any other residents of his neighborhood. Several other Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) AINA interviewed told a similar story.

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