The ethnic cleansing of Turkmens continues in Iraq

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While the ethnic cleansing of Turkmens continues in Iraq and while the Turkmens’ human rights continue to be violated, the U.S. and the E.U. are arming the terrorist group PKK and Barzani’s peshmerga.

Turkmens in Iraq have been and are still victims of : massacres, ethnic cleansing, oppression, disappearances, expropriations, land grabbings, kidnappings, torture, arbitrary arrests, killings. Turkmens were victims of forced arabization under the Baath regime and are victims of forced kurdification since the U.S-U.K invasion of the country in 2003.

Despite the regime change in 2003 Turkmens continue to be treated as second class citizens in Iraq. The Arab government in Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government are only interested in occupying and reaping the benefits from the oil-rich and fertile Turkmen region in the north of Iraq (called TURKMENELI).

Turkmens, although they are Iraq’s third main ethnic community and the north of Iraq’s second main ethnic community, have never received their share of Kirkuk’s oil, they have never been included in the distribution of the wealth from their land.

It is the Arabs (both Sunna and Shia) and the Kurds who are sharing the wealth of the Turkmen region.

Since 2014 the Kurds have taken control of the entire Turkmen region by force, they are FALSELY claiming that KIRKUK is Kurdish with the intention to annex it to their autonomous region.

When Turkmen cities and villages were attacked and invaded by ISIL terrorists in 2014, nobody came to their rescue. When the Turkmen city of AMIRLI was besieged during 73 days, neither the Iraqi army nor the Kurdish peshmerga who were stationed nearby tried to protect the unarmed population of this city.

AMIRLI did not get the attention of the ‘international community’ like Kobane. No one shed a tear for this unfortunate Turkmen city.

In the meantime, the U.S. and the E.U. are arming the terrorist group PKK and Barzani’s peshmerga.

I hope that Turkmens have been keeping records and have started to document all the grave human rights violations their community has suffered since 1921 (since the beginning of the Iraqi state).

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