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9th October 2013

The Executive Board of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) headquartered in Kirkuk informed that it had certain reservations regarding the bill regulating Turkmen affairs which was forwarded to the Iraqi Parliament after being approved by the Council of Ministers.

In the notification published by the ITF Executive Board it was stated that there were numerous gaps in the bill regulating the rights of the Turkmen entity and the most blatant example of this was that no mention was made about returning the lands to the legal representatives of the Turkmen which were seized during the overturned Saddam regime. The notification also underlined that the bill incepted extreme centralization of which article 7 was an example. The article in question stipulates that any mission to go abroad must be approved by the government. Accordingly, no Turkmen mission can go abroad without the approval of the central government. The notification informed that the Iraqi Turkmen Front completely opposed this article.

According to the notification the members of parliament representing the Iraqi Turkmen in Parliament must review the bill before it is presented to the vote and change the negative paragraphs it contains. In its present state the Executive Board of the Iraqi Turkmen Front does not consent to the bill regulating Turkmen affairs.


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