Iraqi Turkmen react in terms of the attacks: Iraq should admonish the government

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Turkmen react in terms of the attacks: Iraq should admonish the government

26TH JUNE 2013

The Turkmen in northern Iraq have reacted in terms of the attacks which targeted the Turkmen in Tuzhurmatu city and most recently the attack which resulted in the murder of the Deputy Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) Ali Haşim Muhtaroğlu. The Turkmen who are reactive towards the Iraqi central government in this issue demand that primarily Turkey, the United Nations and human rights groups remonstrate the Baghdad government which is responsible for the life safety of Turkmen. The Turkmen claim that the Iraqi government has failed to take necessary measures and emphasize that although over 500 Turkmen have been killed in over 30 attacks to date such attacks will not intimidate them and make them forgo their cause.The Turkey Representative of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Hicran Kazancı also reacted against the attacks executed in Iraq yesterday.

Kazancı organized a press conference with the participation of Head of Turkmeneli Party Riyaz Sarıkahya, Head of Turkmeneli Culture Center Mustafa Ziya, Head of Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation Fatih Turkcan at the headquarters of the ITF in Ankara and voiced their reactions and demands.


In his statement ITF Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı pointed out that yet again malicious attacks had targeted the Turkmen presence in Iraq and said, “Yesterday the Deputy Head of ITF Muhtaroğlu was martyred in a suicide attack. Our sorrow is deep. In spite of our countless demands in terms of the terror attacks targeting the Turkmen presence in Iraq and our insistence that the safety of Turkmen is established in Turkmen regions the Iraqi central government has failed to take serious and necessary precautions to ensure the life safety of Turkmen citizens.”In addition to this Kazancı reminded that the demands of the Turkmen for the establishment of their own security forces to protect the Turkmen have also been rejected saying, “In terms of these attacks which target the future of Turkmen the Iraqi government has been grossly negligent. Without any protection the Turkmen are harmed the most by the ongoing chaos in Iraq. These attacks will not intimidate us nor dissuade us from our path.”

The ITF Turkey Representative also called on all security units in Iraq to fulfill their responsibilities in addition to the Iraqi government and said, “In addition we invite the United Nations to remind the Iraqi government in terms of their authorities. We demand that the Turkish world stand by their cognates in Iraq and remonstrate against the ongoing activities.”


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