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25 MAYIS 2013

Najmadin Karim, the governor of Kirkuk said that a two-week time period has been given to those who are illegally staying in Kirkuk and do not possess a resident permit, according to the governor.

At a press conference organized with security authorities yesterday, Najmadin Karim, the governor of Kirkuk  said that, “We have received numerous complaints from the people of the city regarding those coming from outside of Kirkuk illegally and do not have resident permits, and that is why we have decided to give them the time period of two weeks to leave the city.”

Governor Kerim made an announcement regarding recent events by saying that some persons affiliated with the Ensar El Sünne group had been detained in connection with the explosives and arms attacks which took place in Kirkuk.

Kerim underlined the fact that attacks and acts of violence had escalated recently and that security forces were fully tasked. Kerim announced that two terrorists were killed and one was arrested after they engaged the law enforcement yesterday evening in Tisin region. Kerim emphasized that everything necessary to ensure security in Kirkuk would be done and that works had started regarding a security camera system. Kerim also indicated that the trench digging works within the scope of the security plan would be completed soon at the entry points into Kirkuk.

Kirkuk Deputy Chief of Police General Turan Abdurrahman said that the arrested persons were responsible for the attacks against Turkmen in Kirkuk.

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