The Turkmen base their hopes on resolution

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The Turkmen base their hopes on resolution

The Iraqi Turkmen are also focused on the resolution process. Iraqi Turkmen Front Representative Kazancı: If the peace process is interrupted we will become an open target.

Interpretations in terms of ‘process’ from Iraqi Turkmen… Iraqi Turkmen Front Representative Hicran Kazancı spoke to AKŞAM regarding his expectations in terms of the negotiations and resolution process carried out with Imralı.

Kazancı indicated that they feared that the resolution efforts would be interrupted however, they did not want to lose hope and said, ‘it is the hope of us all that the process achieves success’. The assessment of Iraqi Turkmen Front Representative Kazancı is summarized as follows:

If the RESOLUTION  is interrupted the repercussions of the conflicts will have a negative impact on Turkey as well as the Turkmen living in Northern Iraq. But we do not even want to think about this. Because we have made positive and significant headway with the Kurds in North Iraq. Now when conditions normalize the Iraqi Turkmen will emerge to the forefront. In other words the strengthening of Turkey in the region will be in our favor.

If the process is interrupted the situation will be reversed. We may have a security problem. Since we do not have an armed militia in Kirkuk we have always been an open target there. If the process is unsuccessful we may become a target. A conclusion of the conflict will not only bring stability to Turkey but to the whole region. When the process is normalized in Iraq the Turkmen will become the strongest element.

When the PEACE process is finalized there will be no stopping the rising power of Turkey. With the rise of this power the Iraqi Turkmen will feel more safe over there. The population and presence of the Iraqi Turkmen is dependent on the influence of Turkey in the region. The stronger the influence of Turkey is, the stronger is our population, our presence. For this reason Turkey is the guarantee of our existence.

TURKEY does not act in line with the scenarios drawn by global states any more. It has become a playmaker. For this reason those who objected to the rising power of Turkey always scratched this scab. Used it against Turkey.

The dictatorships in the MIDDLE EAST always plant the idea with their people that ’Turkey follows an expansionist policy’. They said, “Turkey wants to confiscate our lands as well’. A great hatred for Turkey was prevalent among the people. However, particularly after the bill of 2003 it was understood that Turkey had no clandestine agenda in terms of the region. The people of Iraq understood this: that the smear propaganda regarding Turkey had no truth to it and that Turkey was not involved in an expansionist policy.

Akşam Newspaper


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