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05 NISAN 2013

Spokesman of Iraqi Turkmen Front Ali Mehdi said that any Turkmen force to be established for the protection of Turkmen area from acts of terror must be supervised by the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF).

In Mehdi’s statement it was noted that with the establishment of such a force there was a will to imply that there was a division among the Turkmen.

Mehdi emphasized that tension had been present in Iraq for a long time and that this had harmed the Turkmen the most and reminded that they wanted a special force to be established in order to protect the Turkmen. Mehdi went on to say:

“Presently there are various camps in government and among parties who want to divide the Turkmen. We are appealing to both the government and those parties. If a force is established in order to divide the Turkmen this will be a historical mistake. These are some major agencies behind this endeavor. As the Iraqi Turkmen Front we have wanted protection for the Turkmen people for 10 years. If there are plans to establish any kind of force, firstly the Iraqi Turkmen Front should be consulted. The kind of force we want is to fill in the void of Turkmen within the Iraqi army, Iraq’s police organization and the Iraqi intelligence force. To protect the Turkmen nation accordingly. Whoever falls into this error will be making a mistake. We know that in order to facilitate the defeat of a nation it must be divided first. We will not be drawn into this trap of being divided. The Turkmen can only be protected by the Turkmen Union. An organization can be established under the supervision of the Iraqi Turkmen Front.”


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