Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, October 2012

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Re-posting for those who have missed it:

Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

Quarterly Report to the United States Congress

[October 30, 2012]


145 pages

Section 1

SIGIR Observations 1

Corruption and Controversy 2

U.S.Mission 2

Governance 7

Security and the Rule of Law 9

Economy 11

SIGIR Oversight 12

Section 2

Funding for Iraq Reconstruction 15

U.S. Funding 16

Iraqi Funding 24

International Support 25

Section 3

U.S.-funded Programs in Iraq 27

The U.S.Mission in Iraq 28

Civilian Programs 32

Defense Programs 50

Section 4

Developments in Iraq 59

Governance 60

Security and the Rule of Law 72

Economy 78

Section 5

SIGIR Oversight 89

SIGIR Lessons Learned 90

SIGIR Audits 92

SIGIR Investigations 97

SIGIR Hotline 112

SIGIR Website 113

Legislative Update 114

Section 6

Other Agency Oversight 115

Introduction 116

Other Agency Oversight Reports 117

Other Agency Investigations 119

Endnotes 122

Acronyms and Definitions 132

To read the report please click on the link below :


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