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From Nicholas Wood 

Secretary, Blair War crimes Foundation

To Keir Starmer  QC    Director of Public Prosecutions  

 Rose Court 

2 Southwark Bridge 

SE1 9HS  

23 October 2012

Dear Sir,

RE    1949 GENEVA CONVENTIONS IV     Articles 146 , 147, 148 

I wish you to understand that I am not seeking  a private prosecution of Mr Blair and others for grave breaches of the Geneva  Conventions as I am not in a financial or legal position to do so.

My letter is to ask two  questions.

1.   Why is it that the UK  as a High Contracting Party to the 1949 Geneva Convention IV has not yet  initiated penal sanctions against those who have caused grave breaches of those conventions, and  

2 .  Why  has the UK Government as High Contracting Party  not yet  initiated suppression of  all acts contrary to the provision of the Convention ( Article 146)? 

As you will know failure to initiate such suppression  may be considered  as, in itself, a war crime.  The most glaring example of this  failure to suppress grave breaches has been the continued use ofdepleted uranium munitions in the joint enterprise of  UK/USA to invade Iraq and the failure during the invasion, occupation, and post occupation   to clear up radioactive depleted uranium material and debris   as promised by the UK in 2003, and to suggest that the Interim Iraq Administration and  the present Iraq Government are capable, and should have carried out such a clean up operation themselves.   As you may know this failure has resulted in the spread of radioactive dust and widespread death by leukaemia  and other cancers and the gross deformities of embryos in the Fallujah, Basra and Baghdad areas to such an extent that women in  Fallujah were advised by Imams not to have children.

I enclose a petition signed by 7.800 showing concern at the lawless conduct of the Iraq War,  also  a series of short films called illustrating some,  but by no means all,  of the grave breaches of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV.

I think you will agree that for future generations in this country and others upholding International Law  is extremely important,  quite apart from stemming infant mortality and misery in The Middle East ,Afghanistan. and elsewhere by the continued use of extremely toxic munitions with widespread, long term,  and severe damage to the natural environment.

Yours sincerely,

Nicholas Wood, Secretary BWCF


Blair War Crimes Foundation Petition as of 1st October 2012.

Copy to Sir John Chilcot.


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