IHEC Publishes the List of Entities for the April 2013 Local Elections in Iraq

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IHEC Publishes the List of Entities for the April 2013 Local Elections in Iraq

Posted by Reidar Visser on Thursday, 29 November 2012

The official deadline for registering political parties for next year’s local elections in Iraq on 21 April 2013 expired last Sunday. The Iraqi elections commission continued to handle registrations on Monday and Tuesday but has now published a list that looks more definitive in that it does not any longer include the expression “registered until now”. This being Iraq, it is hard to be certain whether this really is the final list, but it is certainly the most comprehensive account available so far and a brief discussion of these 261 entities can be worthwhile.

It should be said at the outset that the publication of this list, while significant, is not a definitive indication of how the political landscape for the next local elections in Iraq is shaping up. The crucial stage in that respect is the list of coalitions, which on previous occasions has been published as late as one month before the elections themselves. What voters will deal with on election day, after all, is electoral lists, which can be made up of one party or several registered entities joined together on a list. A registration as a separate entity at this stage may well be nothing more than an expression of the hubris of Iraqi politicians who feel the need to have a political party of their own; as in previous elections a key question is the extent to which such hubris can be transcended for the purpose of creating electable lists and viable coalitions when the elections get closer.

With regard to the registered entities themselves, they fall in three main categories.

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Child Kidnapping on the Rise, Again: Another Heritage of the US Occupation

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Child Kidnapping on the Rise, Again: Another Heritage of the US Occupation

by Dirk Adriaensens on 28/11/2012

The security situation in Baghdad has not improved. Families are living in fear because of a dramatic increase in the number of cases of child abduction.

 On 6 November, 21 children were abducted from different places in Baghdad

Almost one year after the so-called withdrawal of American military troops, the security situation in Baghdad has not improved. Families are living in fear because of a dramatic increase in the number of cases of child abduction. These kidnappings have different aims. Some are meant to finance terrorist groups. But Iraqi children are also abducted for the very lucrative trafficking of human organs.

A security source revealed that in one day, 6 November, 21 children were abducted from different places in Baghdad. Recently there has been an increase in child kidnapping in all areas of Baghdad, he said, adding that he has no accurate numbers, but that there have been up to 30 children kidnapped in two weeks. He also added that most of these abductions have been carried out by organized criminal gangs. Some armed groups kidnap children to finance their operations, especially Al-Qaida, because the security forces have recently been quite successful in draining their resources in preventing donations from outside Iraq.

It seems that not only children from rich families are being kidnapped. Many incidents take place in the suburbs and poor areas of the Capital, like Al-Ubaidi District, Sadr City, Baghdad Al-Jadeeda (Al-Rasafah Area), and Abu-Disheer, Al-Doura, Al-Bayyaa, Al-Furat, Al-Radwaniyah, Abu Ghraib, Al-Taji, Al-Shula and Al-Hurriyah Districts (Al Kark area).

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Al Qaeda Crimes in Iraq (video details deadly raid in Haditha)

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Al Qaeda in Iraq video details deadly raid in Haditha


August 21, 2012

Warning: the video is extremely graphic and shows al Qaeda in Iraq fighters brutally executing Iraqi policemen.

The Islamic State of Iraq, al Qaeda’s political front in the country, recently released a video detailing a sophisticated attack in March that included dozens of fighters dressed as police commandos in the western city of Haditha in Anbar province. During the raid, al Qaeda in Iraq fighters killed 27 Iraqi policemen, including two police commanders.

Al Furqan, the official media arm of the Islamic State of Iraq, released the video on jihadist Internet forums on Aug. 16. The video is more than 49 minutes long and was shot in high definition, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which obtained and translated the video. A shorter version of the video, seen above, was published on LiveLeak.

The full video details an extremely brazen and sophisticated operation. Scores of fighters (al Qaeda in Iraq had previously stated that more than 90 fighters participated in the operation, and based on the video, the claim appears to be correct) dressed in police SWAT uniforms, including helmets and bullet-proof vests, and riding dozens of pickup trucks with flashing police lights, drove into Haditha and neighboring Barwana, targeted five locations, disarmed the local police, and brutally executed them.

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MHP Party Leader Devlet Bahçeli received the ITF (Iraqi Turkmen Front) Mission

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MHP Party Leader Devlet Bahçeli received the ITF mission

A mission consisting of the Member of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) Executive Board and Head of Kirkuk Province Assembly Hasan Turan, ITF Official Spokesman Ali Mehdi and ITF Turkey Representative Dr. Hicran Kazancı was received by MHP Party Leader Devlet Bahçeli in his office.

The meeting was held in a very sincere atmosphere and the subjects were the developments in the Middle East and particularly those taking place in Kirkuk recently and the development of Iraq-Turkey relations.

Clash between Kurds and Arabs raises risks of war

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In recent months, a surge of bombings, assassinations and kidnappings that seem to target mostly Turkmens has left the community feeling vulnerable, and many say they would welcome the deployment of Iraqi army forces to end Kurdish rule.

“It’s the Kurds who are the biggest problem in this town,” grumbled a 23-year-old Turkmen resident who hid during the firefight in the back of his shop. “They are 20 per cent of the population, but they control everything.”


Proposed Bill to Change Provincial Borders Causes Fear of Ethnic Tensions

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Proposed Bill to Change Provincial Borders Causes Fear of Ethnic Tensions

19/11/2012 03:20:00By JASIM ALSABAWI

BAGHDAD, Iraq – A law introduced by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani to redraw the administration borders of Iraqi provinces and sent to the House of Representatives for approval seems to be yet another crisis on the country’s political horizon.

Sheikh Khaled al-Mafraji, leader of the Arab Political Council, told Rudaw that raising this topic at this time could only escalate the existing crisis. “Addressing such topics in such circumstances will increase the deepening political crisis, in addition to the significant uncertainties surrounding it,” he said.

Mafraji added that he was confident the House of Representatives would stand against the project. “The Arab component categorically rejects this matter and we are confident that the House of Representatives will be opposed to this issue,” he said.

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UNICEF: 5.3 million Children in Iraq still deprived of many rights

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5.3 million Children in Iraq still deprived of many rights

BAGHDAD, 20 November 2012 – On Universal Children’s Day, UNICEF calls for urgent action for Iraq’s most vulnerable children.

“Every third child in Iraq, or about 5.3 million children, is still currently deprived of many of their fundamental rights,” said UNICEF’s Representative to Iraq, Dr. Marzio Babille. 

“UNICEF calls on all stakeholders – in government, civil society, the private sector and the international community – to urgently invest in these children to respect their dignity and give them an equal chance to become healthy, productive young citizens of the new Iraq,” Dr. Babille stated.

Child rights violations across Iraq that need to be addressed include: inadequate access to and promotion of health services; lack of access to quality education; violence against children in schools and families; psychological trauma from years of extreme violence; discrimination; prolonged detention in juvenile facilities; insufficient attention to the special needs of children with disabilities and who are not in their family environment; and lack of access to information and participation in cultural life.

While the majority of children in Iraq experience at least one violation of their fundamental rights, around 1.7 million children, or 10 per cent of all Iraqi children, have most of their rights fulfilled.

“There are extreme disparities amongst Iraq’s 16.6 million children,” noted Dr. Babille.  “Our collective challenge now is to narrow these gaps between those children who are marginalized, having very limited opportunities to improve their well-being, and the children who have every opportunity to fully progress in their lives.”

“Iraq’s National Development Plan, which is currently being revised, is the ideal place to start robustly planning the expanded delivery of essential services across Iraq that will narrow this gap.”

UNICEF is working with the Government of Iraq and partners to ensure children’s rights and best interests are included in policies and that equitable approaches that prioritize the most marginalized children are adopted.

“UNICEF remains unwavering in its commitment to support the Government protect all children’s rights and build an Iraq that is fit for all children,” stated Dr. Babille.

Today is the 23rd anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which lays the foundational principles from which all children’s rights must be achieved, and calls for the provision of specific resources, skills and contributions necessary to ensure the survival and development of children to their maximum capability. Iraq ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1994.

Note to Editors:
The facts and figures cited in this press release have been taken from a new national Government of Iraq and UNICEF survey on the situation of children and women in Iraq, which will be officially released in December 2012.


UN vote backs precautionary approach to depleted uranium weapons

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UN vote backs precautionary approach to depleted uranium weapons

138 states have supported a resolution calling for a precautionary approach to depleted uranium weapons at the United Nations First Committee.

6 November 2012 – ICBUW

 Belgium once again highlighted that it had been the first state to ban the weapons through recourse to the precautionary principle and offered its assistance to any UN member states that are considering their own domestic legislation.

see: http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/en/un-vote-backs-precautionary-approach

No end to violence in Iraq – 9 people killed and 31 wounded in Kirkuk

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At Least 20 Die in Series of Bomb Attacks Throughout Iraq

Khalid Mohammed/Associated Press

People gathered at the scene of a car bomb attack in Baghdad on Wednesday.


Published: November 14, 2012

BAGHDAD — From a busy market to a university campus, a series of bomb attacks swept through Iraq on Wednesday, killing at least 20 people and wounding more than 100, the Iraqi police and security forces said.

The attacks struck civilian, government and security targets. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for any of the blasts, which were spread out in more than half a dozen provinces in Iraq. At least one of the devices in a southern region was dismantled before it blew up.

The extent to which any of the attacks were coordinated was not clear, but they were some of the most widespread in recent weeks, striking a variety of targets that brought to the forefront Iraq’s political and ethnic diversity. The last similar daily toll was on Nov. 6, when a bomb killed more than two dozen people at a military base in Taji.

Violence in Iraq is less frequent than at the height of the insurgency, although militias have often struck at the country’s security forces to undermine confidence in the government’s ability to keep order.

On Wednesday, some of the worst violence was in the north. In the city of Kirkuk, 9 people were killed and 31 wounded by three car bombs targeting the headquarters of Kurdish and Turkmen political parties. At the southern entrance to the province, the governor, Omar al-Humairi, escaped an assassination attempt in which a roadside bomb targeted his convoy, and a car bomb blew up inside a parking lot in the west of the city, wounding one person.

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Iraqi forces clash with Kurdish troops, one dead

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16 November 2012 / REUTERS, BAGHDAD

One person died in clashes between Iraqi forces and troops guarding an office of a Kurdish political party on Friday, deepening tension between the oil-rich region and the central government in Baghdad.

The fighting in Tuz Khurmato, 170 km (105 miles) north of Iraq’s capital, highlights strains between the federal government and the Kurdish leadership over autonomy, oil and land that risk upsetting Iraq’s uneasy union.

The departure of US forces from the area in December removed a buffer between the two sides. The tension grew further after Iraq’s Shi’ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki formed a new security command covering the disputed city of Kirkuk.

Kurdish officials took his move as a provocation.

Iraqi police officials said the first shot on Friday was fired by the Kurdish Peshmerga military forces at the local headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Tuz Khurmatu.

The city lies in a border area over which both sides claim jurisdiction.

“The army and police had an order to search a building belonging to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan … and when the troops entered, the guards opened fire on them,” said Iraqi Lieutenant Colonel Emad al-Bayati, who said he was at the scene.

Four policemen, a soldier and several guards were wounded, Bayati said.

Police and officials said the situation was now under control, but witnesses said the armed stand-off was continuing.


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