Change in Iraqi Politics: From Ethnic-Sectarian Lines to Centralization Question

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Change in Iraqi Politics: From Ethnic-Sectarian Lines to Centralization Question
Assos. Prof. Serhat Erkmen Middle East Advisor of ORSAM, Ahi Evran University
A process of silent and deep political change has been experienced since the general elections, which was held in Iraq on March 07, 2010. This process has been defined as a change in the structure of political order after the invasion of Iraq. As a result of the analysis of political dynamics which were introduced before in the study entitled “2010 Parliamentary Elections and Political Life in Iraq after the Occupation”, it has been alleged that the politics in Iraq has been rebuilt in accordance with ethnic and religious lines after the invasion of the country and the political alliances have been reshaped over these lines. However, in this article, it will be asserted that the phenomenon of shaping the politics of Iraq in accordance with ethnic and religious lines has experienced a great change as a consequence of the developments that took place in the last two years. In order to support this assumption, basic political developments which were seen in Iraq after the last election will be focused on and the contents of this change will be underlined.According to the author, there are two main reasons that explain the change in the political balances and policy making in Iraq. The first reason is that the United States have started to lose gradually their role both in military and political aspects in Iraq after 2010. Decrease in military power of the US in Iraq in a way that cannot be compared with previous years (even though all the combat troops have retreated, it will not be considered as a complete withdrawal since there are still American troops in Iraq under the name of military advisors) has created great impacts both in the fields of security and the fields of policy and this phenomenon has enlarged the maneuver room of the Iraqi political parties.
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