Syrian Turkmen visited ITF Turkey Representation

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Syrian Turkmen visited ITF

The Head of the Turkmen Movement in Syria Abdülkerim Ağa visited the Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representation.

Abdülkerim Ağa who was received by the Turkey Representative and MKYK member Dr. Hicran Kazancı talked about the developments in Syria as well as the status of the Turkmen.  

Hicran Kazancı said that in order to be included in the process after the regime, it was vital that the Turkmen are included in the national council to be formed including the opposition. The actual problems will start after the fall of the regime rather than now. Maybe the actual ethnic conflict originated from sects and other reasons will start then. The country may be thrown into chaos. As you know, the wolf prefers tempestuous weather and likewise all extremist groups who hunt will endeavor to be more efficient during such times. As such, the Turkmen regardless of their outlooks, must forget the past and unite to further the Turkmen cause after the regime. This is essential because the Turkmen are the key for ensuring stability in the region.

At the end of the meeting Abdülkerim Ağa expressed his appreciation for the Iraqi Turkmen Front.


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