IRAQ: ‘Managing’ the body counts

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‘Managing’ the body counts

Tomorrow is May 1st which is a day celebrated by many for many reasons.  But the reason we’re noting it right now is to ask if the lies will be allowed to stand as they are every month at this time?

People who are, for example, 13 may not remember this because they’re really too young too.  But the US government hid behind the (earlier) pose of ‘we don’t do body counts’ when starting the Iraq War.  Of course they did body counts.  They did them all along. Three years after the Iraq war started, those who stated ‘of course the US is keeping a body count’ were backed up with one of the most forgotten stories of the Iraq War.

As with so many of the important stories during the Iraq War, that report came from Knight Ridder.  The US government was keeping a body count on Iraqis killed in the violence.  They were keeping the count and a military officer freely showed the count to a Knight Ridder reporter.

It shouldn’t be hidden history but it is.

Bill Moyers wasn’t interested in praising that report when he returned to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal and that was probably due — Moyers sexism is well known and has been for decades — to the fact that a woman broke that story: Nancy A. Youssef.

She also wasn’t helped out by her outlet.  She broke the news for Knight Ridder Newspapers . . . on the last day of the chain’s existence.  The very next day it was McClatchy Newspapers and McClatchy had little to gain from trumpeting a Knight Ridder report.  Things might have been different if the report had been held for one more day allowing it to become McClatchy’s first big scoop.

From the June 26, 2006 “Iraq snapshot” (and I’m correcting the spelling of Knight Ridder):

In what might get the most attention today, reporting from Baghdad, Nancy A. Youssef (Knight Ridder) breaks the news that the United States now admits to keeping some figures on Iraqis who have died during the illegal war. Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli tells Youssef that “the number of civilian dead and wounded” via US troops “is an important measurement.” Chiarelli reveals that “he reviews the figures daily.” The US government has denied that any figures were being kept.

I was wrong (not the first time, not the last time), it didn’t get the most attention that day.  It didn’t really get any attention, as we’d note in  “2006: The Year of Living Dumbly” — including it  in a long list of Iraq related news that independent media couldn’t be counted on to report in the summer of 2006:

Or how about the fact that the US military was keeping a body count on Iraqi deaths? Nancy A. Youssef broke that story, that the US military had been doing that for almost a year, in June. That news lost out to elections . . . in Mexico — what independent media was all geared up to make the summer story until they dropped everything to head off to the Middle East.

Despite the knowledge that DoD was keeping a count, other outlets ignored Youssef’s story and there was never any pressure for the government to supply those figures to the press.  So hidden away was Youssef’s scoop that weeks later, Phyllis Bennis would go around, weeks after, insisting publicly that  US government didn’t keep a body count — like so much of America, even she wads unaware of Nancy Youssef’s report.  As Phyllis was called out (and not just within this community) and as numbers — US government numbers — began to appear in the press, suddenly Phyllis was aware.  Basically, it took over a year for her to finally grasp that the voices she was hearing were actual people and not personalities inside her head.  That led her to declare in September 2007 on CounterSpin:

Now apparently they’re making body counts. So nobody has asked them, “Excuse me, general, when did you start doing body counts?” From the beginning you told us ‘We don’t do bodycounts.’ When did that [tracking the number of Iraqis killed] begin? When do these figures start from?

There was no great mystery, just a failure to pay attention.  (In fairness to Phyllis, corporate media wasn’t interested in trumpeting Nancy Youssef’s scoop and Panhandle Media was working other grudges when Youssef’s story broke so they were unable to amplify it.) 

What did the press do in those first years of the Iraq War to note dying Iraqis?

Not a whole hell of a lot.

Keep their own count?  Oh, you make me laugh.  Except for the Associated Press, the lazy American outlets couldn’t even be counted on to keep a count of the US service members killed in the Iraq War.

Instead, many began using the London-based Iraq Body Count which based their count on press reports.  It was an undercount because so many of the deaths never were reported.  In the earliest days of IBC, it was also an undercount because they tended to ignore the reports from non-Western outlets.  Many were using them for the count and then Bully Boy Bush included a number in public remarks.  It was IBC’s number.   As IBC notes:

The only significant mention by a senior member of the US government of a figure for Iraqi deaths came in a brief response from President G W Bush, when taking questions after a speech on 12th December 2005. Asked to provide an approximate total for all Iraqis killed since the beginning of the war, including military and insurgents as well as civilians, he replied “30,000, more or less.” At the time, the IBC web-site indicated 27,383 to 30,892 civilian deaths alone.

The outlet having been stamped with White House approval, that all the US press began including IBC in their month’s-violence reports which were generally published between the first of the month through the fourth of the month.  In fact, the press was so predictable that the Bully Boy Bush White House took to asking the Pentagon to hold off on announcing deaths of US service members.  If you died, for example, on the 30th of the month, they’d wait until the 4th to announce it so as to make a heavy month of fatalities look a little lighter.  This practice only ended when it became obvious . . . if not reported.  The same US press that whores for Barack today whored for Bush back then.  Kids, the business never changes, only the clients.

So IBC became the established measure.  And then it suddenly didn’t.  Today the press treats as gospel the numbers issued by Nouri’s ministries — even the ministries that have no minister heading them.  Nouri controls the ministires and we’re supposed to believe that has no effect on the counts they enter?

As violence increased in Iraq, the ministries numbers dropped and dropped.  It’s nothing for them to now be 100 or more less than IBC’s monthly count.  But the press doesn’t want to note that.  We understand why Nouri lies, he wants to present Iraq as more peaceful.  But who’s twisting the arms — especially of AFP and Reuters — to get them to go along with that nonsense?

We’ve spent about two years decrying this nonsense.  Back then we could do our own count here each month because McClatchy Newspapers did a daily violence summary and Reuters did one they called a factbox.  But with so many vested in the lie that Barack (and the US) “saved” Iraq, reporting the violence just struck news outlets as unAmerican.  Which is why they ignore the daily violence today.  It takes many bombings and many deaths for the press to even note it.  And if it’s not over 50 dead in one day, don’t expect ABC, CBS or NBC to even mention it — not even a single sentence — on their evening newscasts.

april count

IBC counts 283 killed so far this month.

There are Americans who truly believe the violence has ended.  They believe that not because they’re stupid but because the press stopped reporting it.

As the press gears up for their so-called monthly totals — point of fact, repeating government figures with no context is not reporting — the above is worth remembering.  Also worth remembering is that  Joel Wing tackled the veracity of the official counts in a piece at AK News.  Excerpt.


In February 2012, the Iraqi government released its official figures for casualties from April 2004 to the end of 2011. It had over 69,000 deaths for that time period. That count was 30,000 less than other organizations that keep track of violence in Iraq. During the height of the civil war, the country’s ministries’ numbers were comparable to other groups, but since 2011 they have consistently been the lowest. While some Iraqi politicians have claimed that the official counts miss many deaths, it could also be argued that the statistics are being politicized by the prime minister who controls all of the security ministries.
On February 29, 2012, Iraqi government spokesman Ali Dabbagh announced the government’s numbers for deaths in the country. He said that from April 5, 2004 to December 31, 2011 69,263 Iraqis were killed. 239,133 were also wounded. The deadliest year was 2006 when there were 21,539 dead, and 39,329 wounded. 2011 was the least violent with only 2,777 casualties. Of the nation’s eighteen provinces, Baghdad was the deadliest with 23,898 dead for the reported time period, followed by Diyala, Anbar, and Ninewa. Muthanna in the south was the safest with only 94 killed over the seven years covered. A member of parliament’s human rights committee immediately criticized the report. The deputy claimed that there were thousands of people who disappeared during the civil war that were never counted. He also said that out in the countryside, reporting to the ministries was poor. No numbers on violence in Iraq can be anywhere near complete. During the civil war from 2005-2008 there were sections of the country that were too dangerous to enter and do any serious reporting. Some insurgent groups also buried their victims. The problem with the ministries numbers however are that they are so far below other organizations that keep track of violence in Iraq, which was not always true.

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Report about the Turkmen Case

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Official text in Arabic:

A Report about the Turkmen case


Posted in Iraqi Turkmen Aspect Journal, Issue nr.18

 A periodic report of the human rights situation of the Turkmen in Iraq as of 01/12/2011 to 31/03/2012 (Source: Iraqi  Turkmen Front (ITF) ,original report in Arabic )


 Below is the script of the report that was presented to the Iraqi Deputy Council on 21st of April 2012 in a session allocated to discuss Turkmen case in Iraq.

In the name of God the most merciful

The history of the Iraqi State is full of serious infringements of human and nation rights to the extent of crimes against humanity like mass extermination, ethnic and sectarian elimination. Like the rest of Iraqi sons, Turkmen citizens were exposed to different kinds of repression and oppression during the past regime, the number of those sentenced to death reached thousands and that of missing persons was about 16576. They were deprived of basic human and simple citizenship rights like their national belonging right as they were forced to give up their nationality and replace it by other nationalities. In order to suppress Turkmen identity by worse means, villages and towns in areas dwelled by Turkmen were demolished and their people were forced to leave.

Turkmen citizens were deprived of simple citizenship rights like using their language, so conversation, speaking and teaching in Turkmen language were forbidden in schools and other public utilities. Additionally prevention of naming the new born with Turkmen names and even changing the names of Turkmen regions and provinces, for example, Mendali instead of Talaafar, and preventing the right of businesses and trading to earn living, entering auctions, renting commercial shops, fuel stations, importing, selling, buying, and hiring different private and public transport media unless using names other than Turkmen nationality, as well as preventing them from owning, building houses, commercial shops. Also they were prohibited from being appointed in state departments in Turkmen areas or completing higher studies.

Reports of human rights committees in United Nations especially its headquarter in Iraq showed those disgraceful infringements of Iraqi human rights generally and Turkmen specifically. Human dignity became humiliated in front of restrictions of freedoms, constant threats, extortions, exposure to long lasting psychological and physical torture during the arrests that were carried out by the previous regime up to the extent of taking one family member as a hostage by the security authorities until implementation of the issued orders and instructions.

In February 1982, the excuse of Turkmen not welcoming the tyrant Saddam Hussein, was used in a fierce campaign of Arabism which is a continuity of Arabism campaign that began in the thirties of the last century and had escalated in 1970, Turkmen lands and houses were confiscated to settle the new coming Arabs. Arabs had the right to choose any property and occupy it. In areas like Tiseen, Hamzali, houses were confiscated completely and their owners were forced to transfer their ownership to the new arrivals.

False accusation of Turkmen citizens of promoting national ideas, Islamic movements and belonging to them, refraining from military service, joining Iraqi opposition classes and issuing arbitrary sentences against them The inhuman procedures of deporting and displacing Turkmen families from their place of birth to other governorates were another reason behind Turkmen loss and lowering their population to minimum.

Turkmen tribes were forced to change their origin to other tribes.

Below are some examples of the past regime practices:

-The Internal affair ministry’s document no. 14432 in 13/08/1999 dictated omitting Turkmen surnames from civilian records and not writing them down in personal identity cards.

-Transfer and dismissal of the Turkmen employers holding positions of general directors or heads of departments, and not appointing Turkmen in formal and informal state positions according to the document of state secretary no. 8017 in 05/07/1999.

– The plan to deport them from Tameem governorate , internal affairs for the period 01/01/1995 till 13/12/ 1999 issue no. 713 in 22/02/ 2000.

-In 07/06/2000, document issued from president divan included the instructions of the deportation.

– According to the central authorities, non Arabic citizens were prohibited to live in dwelling buildings about Kirkuk, document no. 8241 issued by legal affairs of Tameem governorate in 14/08/2000.

– Formation of a security belt aroundKirkukcity, was the title of the document issued in 07/09/1994 from high committee of housing and development of Tameem governorate to carry out (top secret) plan 35 issued in 02/11/1997 no. 5936, agricultural affairs of Tameem governorate. Cancellation of ownership title deeds according to document no. 18465 issued in 21/09/1999 from private office of Tameem governorate.

– Cancellation ownership of title deeds according to the document no. 18465 issued in 21/09/1999 from the private office of Tameem governorate.

– Revoking the agricultural contracts, the title of book no. 13549 in 28/10/1999 issued by the legal affairs of Tameem governorate.

– Extinguishment of the agricultural lands and withholding the rights of disposition from Turkmen citizens in Qazaliyar, Taza, Daqoq, Mola Abdalla, yaji according to the order issued from private office of Tameem governorate no. 5418/9/5 in 11/04/1998.

-Confiscation of commercial properties in South Kirkuk industrial province, according to the order issued fromKirkukcity council no. 3565 in 14/03/1999, accusing their owners of escaping abroad and the presence of stolen cars spare parts.

– Seizure of lands according to the document issued from Tameem governorate private office no. 21195/9/7 in 08/11/1999.

This included seizing and confiscating the transferred and non transferred money, issued from the security affairs of the internal ministry in 26/07/2000 no. 8172.

-Legal procedures against Turkmen families (seizure of their money, deportation of those who don’t possess any properties) according to document no. 7843214 in 07/08/2000 issued by internal affairs of Tameem governorate.

-Taking over Alqathiya village, Prophet Yunis in Musal according to decisions from revolution leadership council in 1977 and deporting their population by force.

-Destroying Turkmen culture, attempting to cancel Turkmen cultural identity by suppressing Turkmen art, literature and folklore by the Arabism policy of the past regime, trying to dissolve artistic and cultural heritage by suppressing talents and qualifications and preventing the practice of artistic, literary and cultural activities, neither allowing the formation of artistic groups nor cultural gatherings, additionally preventing the publication, products of artistic, literary and cultural works.

We possess sufficient evidence and documents of the above mentioned huge infringements and others not mentioned in this report.

After the fall of regime, Kurds and Arabs (Sunnis and Shias) more or less have gained their rights, whereas Turkmen, the third nationality in Iraq and the first to be exposed to injustice, suppression and oppression, did not gain any legal rights yet.

Although rights and freedoms of Turkmen component are basic humanity, indivisible parts of the democratic system in the Iraqi Republic Union and must have the necessary support and protection.

The new constitution scripts did not depend on references of human rights and international charters clearly, as it gave rights and securities to some nationalities including Turkmen to protect their rights, but these will not be useful without commitment and legislation of laws to ensure their implementation. Turkmen were exposed to discrimination and loss of rights that were dictated in the Iraqi constitution in Articles 2,4,14,23 and Article 125 even this happened since the formation of the current deputy council and formation of the government.

We live in era of freedom and democracy with protection of human rights by the international communities especially that the exemption of Iraq from the seventh chapter of United Nations charter is subject to achievement of its internal as well as the external peace, accordingly the international society can not stay quite any longer towards prevention of Turkmen people from practising their legal rights and continuous neglect of them.

When we put forward Turkmen cases and priorities in front of the respectful deputy council to discuss, we hope that the Iraqi deputy council will come out with decisions that please Turkmen and comfort the martyrs of Basheer, Taza, Elton Kobri, Talaafar and all Iraqi martyrs to give Turkmen their legal rights according to the Iraqi constitution.

-We demand the respectful Iraqi deputy council to confirm that Turkmen are the third nationality in Iraq and approve all their legal constitutional rights, legislate of what obey the laws, allow their practice of educational, cultural, political and administrative rights and participation in Union government, independent boards, local administrations, districts and governorates. In order to achieve the above goals, the deputy council should endorse Turkmen rights law according to Articles 3, 4(fourth and fifth), Article 9(first), Article 125 and Article 116 of the Iraqi constitution, form a high board of Turkmen affairs and allocate finances from the Union budget to meet the needs of Turkmen citizens, rebuild Turkmen villages and towns and establish cultural, educational, social institutions.

– Formation of a committee to review the constitution, amend substances that hinders practising rights and giving broader freedoms and rights to Turkmen and the rest of Iraqi people components.

-Amendment of laws so that Turkmen and other components can practise their rights by their local administrations.

-Achievement of patriotic equilibrium in defence, internal ministries and the independent boards in the ministries to make fair representations of Turkmen and other components in these institutions.

– Agreement on the new election principles so that Iraq will be a one election circle with insurance of fair representation of Turkmen.

-The constitution dictates that Iraq contains multi nationalities and doctrines, this requires building of a civilian state that respects diversity without preferring or strengthening one sector or group for another, growing feelings of citizenship and belonging to homeland and leaving fanatic and racist discrimination.

– We are with solving the suspended cases like disputes over administrations of different regions by dialogue among the disputed sides and we suggest a triple committee formation (Turkmen, Arabs and Kurds) supervised by United Nations.

– Solving the ownership dispute matter (confiscated, extinguished, occupied properties) and returning them to their original owners.

-Prevention of executing decisions or procedures that change the archaeological structure in the areas dwelled by Turkmen component, protecting them from any activity that may harm their existence and affect their practice of rights and freedoms.

– Reopening of Turkmen radio and TV channel.

– Turkmen sons have the right to use their language and write in letters that suit their language freely on private and public levels.

-Integration of Turkmen fighters before 2003 that were in the patriotic opposition like other militias within the security forces.

– Allocating seats for Turkmen students in military and police colleges.

– Allocating seats for Turkmen seats in scholarships.

– Protection of Turkmen citizens from programmed targeting by terrorist groups; this requires strengthening of security systems in Turkmen areas to protect the Iraqi textile.

With God’s blessings

Guantánamo: Who Are The Two Uighurs Freed In El Salvador, And Why Are 87 Men Cleared For Release Still Held?

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Guantánamo: Who Are The Two Uighurs Freed In El Salvador, And Why Are 87 Men Cleared For Release Still Held?

Written by:
April 21, 2012
With no fanfare — just an announcement on its website — the Pentagon informed the world on Thursday that two Uighur prisoners at Guantánamo, held for over ten years but recognized as innocent almost from the moment of their capture, had been freed in El Salvador. As the Pentagon helpfully explained, the two men “were subject to release from Guantánamo as a result of a court order issued on October 7, 2008 by the US District Court for the District of Columbia,” and it was also noted that they “are voluntarily resettling in El Salvador.”
The Pentagon also noted, “As directed by the President’s January 22, 2009, executive order, the interagency Guantánamo Review Task Force conducted a comprehensive review of these cases,” and, as a result, they “were designated for transfer by unanimous consent among all six agencies on the task force.”
The release of these men is most welcome, because, primarily as a result of deliberate Congressional obstruction, no living prisoner has left Guantánamo for 15 months — the longest period without any releases in the prison’s ten-year history. The last living prisoner to leave Guantánamo was an Algerian, Farhi Saeed bin Mohammed, who won his habeas corpus petition and was repatriated, against his will, in January 2011, but the last two men to leave the prison had actually left in coffins, having died in the prison in February and May last year. In addition, to say that the release of these two men was long overdue would be an understatement. Twenty-two Uighurs (Turkic Muslims from China’s Xinjiang province) were initially held in Guantánamo — refugees from oppression, who had been living in a rundown settlement in Afghanistan’s mountains, and who were swept up in the “war on terror” and had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or the Taliban. Five were freed in Albania in 2006, while George W. Bush was still President, and the administration accepted that it was unsafe to return them to China, but the 17 other men — including the two released in El Salvador — had to wait until 2008 for the Bush administration to drop its claims that any of them were “enemy combatants.”

SYRIA REGIME CHANGE: United Nations Duplicity, Kofi Annan and Diplomats Wives.

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SYRIA REGIME CHANGE: United Nations Duplicity, Kofi Annan and Diplomats Wives.


by Felicity Arbuthnot




Global Research, April 26, 2012

“Their wives run round like banshees Their children sing the blues They’ve got expensive doctors To cure their hearts of stone …” (Maya Angelou, 1928 – )

If destabilization, duplicity, insurgency and mass murder could surprise yet again, with blame of the victim adding to the “shock and awe”, after Libya, Syria would certainly be a case in point.

America’s decades long plan (i, ii) for another puppet government and quasi client state status for the country is well underway. Any observer of the shenanigans within the US Embassy inDamascuswould be forgiven for mistaking it for a covert operations centre rather that a seat of diplomacy.(iii) Michel Chossudovsky gives graphic life to Ambassador Ford’s – surely coincidentally – eminently pertinent and relevant qualifications.(iv)

Of course no plan for a country’s ruination is complete without the help of the UN. Think Libya and Resolution 1973, the green light for a “humanitarian” blitzkrieg, regime change, razed towns, murder from air and ground on an industrial scale, including that of most of the country’s leading family, with small grand children and the butchering of Colonel Quaddafi, the country’s sovereign leader, his body still unaccounted for.

Lynch-law ruled, under UN mandate.

Who then, better to be appointed “Peace Envoy” to Libya than Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General (1997-2006) who silently acquiesced to the average deaths of 6,000 children a month in Iraq from “embargo-related causes”, throughout the hundred and nineteen months of his tenure, bowing to the US-UK driven UN embargo

Inevitably, for his silence, the man who one diplomat described to this publication, as: “like Pontious Pilate, he washes his hands”, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in 2001, jointly with the UN, for amongst other delusional rubbish, his: “emphasizing its obligations as with regard to human rights.”

Presumably this “emphasis” also applied to his deafening muteness asAmericaandBritain, illegally, bombedIraqfor his entire tenure, often daily, routinely re-destroying vital infrastructure and erasing lives in uncounted numbers.

The UN’sBaghdadcabal, with its fine restaurant and barbecue parties, ensconced at the Canal Hotel, atIraq’s expense, were in a perfect position to visit these sites, record and account. They never bothered.

That was yesterday. Apart from Annan, the UN has another weapon forSyria: UN diplomat’s wives.

The wives of the German and British Ambassadors to the UN, Frau Huberta Voss-Wittig and Lady Sheila Lyall Grant, have released a video appeal and an online petition to President Assad’s wife,Syria’s First Lady, Asma al Assad. A performance of skin crawling, patronizing, head patting, treacled trash, which reflects nothing but the UN’s duplicity and its representatives privileged, reality- removed lives in its ivory tower.(v)

The “initiative”, the pampered pair stress, is entirely independent, theirs alone, and nothing to do with their husbands.

Of course, ladies.

Frau Voss-Wittig’s involvement, it might be surmised, lies in: “The German ‘ no’ to theUSaboutIraq”, in 2002.(vi) “Historically this was the deepest ever division between the White House and any post-cold-war German Chancellor.”

Additionally, in August 2002,GermanyandFranceagreed the “Declaration of Schwerin”, named after the German town where their representatives had a working dinner, resolving that they: “had to oppose the war … and that they had to do it in public and as forcefully as possible.” An overt collision course with theUSandUK.

Only when Angela Merkel took office were links tentatively repaired formally, but “shock-waves” remained. Two wives have clearly taken delivery of bricks and tools and set about erecting bridges, never mind demolishing those of others.

Sheila Lyall Grant is the wife of Sir Mark Lyall Grant, former political Director General of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a post with wide responsibilities including forIraq, 2007-2009 and also line manager of post-invasionUKAmbassadors toIraq.

He was senior policy adviser to the Foreign Secretary on various strategic Foreign Office priorities regardingIraq, in which capacity he attended major European, G8, UN, OSCE and NATO meetings.

Sir Mark clearly went through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s rigorous and scrupulous selection process as to suitability for key posts:

“I was not an Arabist. I haven’t been posted in the Middle East”, he told the Chilcot Inquiry onIraq(20th January 2010.)

However: “It naturally fell to the Foreign Office to look at whereBritain’s long-term strategic interests were inIraqand in the wider region …”

TheIraqpriority for Sir Mark had been: “ a strong economy.”

Whilst: “Abidance of human rights and better social conditions, better social delivery to the people (were) highly desirable, I don’t say it is absolutely essential in the near future”, he told the Inquiry. (Emphasis mine.) “Let them rot”, comes to mind.

Given that Nuri al Maliki’s Iraq is now firmly allied with Iran, and a disaster on every level, with economy, health, malnutrition and social conditions worse than the embargo years, it might be though that the Foreign Office and Sir Mark would think twice before stepping aside, as his “independent” wife became another regional unguided missile.

The wives petition, which is pretty much the same as their toe curling video reads, in part:

Dear Asma, Some women care for style and some women care for their people. Some women struggle for their image and some women struggle for their survival. Some women have forgotten what they preached about peace and some women can only pray for their dead. Hundreds of Syrian children have already been killed or injured. One day, our children will ask us what we have done to stop this bloodshed. What will your answer be, Asma? That you, Asma had no choice? Every single child had a name and a family. Their lives will never be the same again.Asma, when you kiss your own children goodnight, another mother will find the place next to her empty. These children could all be your children.They are your children. Stand up for peace, Asma. Speak out now. Stop being a bystander. No one cares about your image. We care about your action. Right now.” Lady Lyall Grant, has been a diplomat since 1980. Her most recent post was Head of VIP Visits at the Protocol Directorate in the heart of government,Whitehall. Clearly her induction course in protocol did not include instructions on how to address the wife of a Head of State. Incidentally, Sir Mark apparently cares as little about the UN as he didIraq. Asked at the Inquiry about the current role of UN in Iraq, he replied that they were no longer there, after the bombing of their building in, he hesitated, then: “ 2005, was it?”

The bombing of the Canal Hotel, which killed seventeen, including the Head of Mission, Sergio de Mello, and injured scores, was on 19th August 2003.

Corrected by the Chairman, Sir Mark responded: “2003, was it? I apologise”, apparently as sanguine about his colleagues being blown to bits as in assessing that basic provisions to sustain Iraqi lives were not “absolutely essential.”

Now, forSyria, in a crisis so clearly manipulated from without, as Kofi Annan ratchets up the number of “UN Observers” from ten to three hundred – surely asIraq, many will be meddlers, spies and worse, Sheila Lyall Grant writes: “One day, our children will ask us what we have done to stop this bloodshed.” Every child: “had a family and a name.”

The child victims ofAfghanistan, decimated by the invasion also had names – but the Taliban was blamed. As did their small counterparts in Iraq since that illegal takeover, the 4,5 million orphans, 600.000 of whom live on the streets, are still somehow the fault of Saddam Hussein – and their traumatized little global siblings in Libya are still somehow the fault of Colonel Quaddafi, who brought the country the best welfare and highest living standard in Africa.

Perhaps the diplomatic duo have not noticed that Syria, generous host country to two million Iraqis, fleeing their “liberation” now have their own nationals fleeing in fear, over the border to Jordan, Syrians now joining the near similar number of Iraqis there, now refugees themselves. Iraqis in Syrian have no where to run.

The ladies have seemingly also missed the media coverage of senior, experienced Al Jazeera journalists, who have walked away from their livilihood in protest and disgust at the media distortion and manipulation ofSyria’s plight, the portrayal, of course, that it all blame lies with President al Assad.

Further, “Peace Envoy” Kofi Annan has already let slip that both he and the “truce monitors”: “should help pave the way for much needed political process”, presumably he means with those insurgents with foreign passports. Read: “Regime change.”

And no planned destruction, overthrow and general catastrophe would be complete without hidden weaponry and hardware with which the leader “oppresses his own people.”Syria, say – as ever – unnamed “activists” is hiding tanks and weapons in government compounds.

The media faithfully repeats the mantra. None seem to have mentioned that one of the “Peace Envoy’s” stipulations, to which Bashir al Assad agreed, was to take tanks and weapons off the streets. Where rebel violence is such that government troops are not forced to respond, they have been withdrawn – back to government compounds. Mr Annan, seemingly has not thought to point this out.

China’s Ambassador, Li Baodong seems to be watching more closely than most. He expressed the hope that: “the Supervision Mission will fully respect Syria’s sovereignty and dignity, act in strict accordance with the authorization of the Security Council, adhere to the principles of neutrality and impartiality …”(vi.) Quite.

If Lady Lyall Grant cares about children, which could equally be “her” children, she should ponder on, and tell her humanity-deficient husband of just one, which represents the trauma of every child, in every street, in every country targeted by an unholy Western alliance – and the UN.

It is an Iraqi boy of about five, in an orphanage, asleep. He has drawn a huge picture, depicting his mother, on the floor, her arms outstretched. He is curled up on it. Every night he goes to sleep the same way, on the floor, between her arms.

Well past time for the powerful to grow the hell up.Those children could be your children,









Iraqi Turkmen demand post of parliament speaker

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23 April 2012 / TODAY’S ZAMAN, ANKARA
Turkmen have demanded the speaker of the federal parliament in Iraq be a Turkmen.

Abbas Beyatlı, a deputy in Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law Coalition, said a Turkmen must be given the post of speaker in the federal parliament to correct the imbalance in the distribution of political posts among the various ethnic groups in Iraq.

Turkmen deputies, who brought up Turkmen issues in a parliamentary session on Saturday, announced at a press conference that it was a day of historical importance for Iraqi Turkmen, with problems faced by Turkmen having been dealt with in the Iraqi parliament for the first time. At the session a report was heard on the persecution Turkmen have suffered in the past, the forced assimilation they were subject to, the extrajudicial executions of Turkmen and confiscation of their goods.

Noting that the Turkmen felt on this historic day that they were an essential part of Iraq, Beyatlı announced Turkmen had two major demands that they would never give up. The first is the post of the parliament speaker. “There are no Turkmen in 11 posts of strategic importance. In order for a balance to be achieved, we demand that the speaker of the federal parliament be a Turkmen,” Beyatlı said.

The second demand regards confiscated Turkmen land. The Turkmen seek return of the land the Iraqi state seized by force in 1976 in the Bashir and Tisin regions. The leader of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Arshad Salihi, said they brought the Turkmen issue before parliament as they have no hope the National Conference, a government meeting scheduled for the end of the month, will end the political crisis in the country. A committee was formed in parliament to look into the Turkmen’s problems and make recommendations.

Irak : au moins 34 morts dans une série d’attaques

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jeudi 19 avril 2012, par La Rédaction

Au moins 34 personnes ont été tuées et plus de 100 blessées dans une vague d’attaques jeudi à Bagdad et dans le nord et l’ouest de l’Irak, selon des sources policières et médicales.
Il s’agit du bilan le plus lourd depuis le 20 mars lorsque 50 personnes avaient péri dans une série d’attaques à travers le pays revendiquées par le réseau Al-Qaïda.
Au moins 29 attaques, notamment à la voiture piégée, ont été menées le matin dans différentes provinces du pays, selon des sources aux ministères de l’Intérieur et policières.

A Bagdad, 10 personnes ont été tuées et 39 blessées dans des attentats à la voiture piégée. Le plus spectaculaire a visé rue Haïfa le convoi du ministre de la Santé, le kurde Najib Hama Amine, sorti indemne. Mais deux passants ont perdu la vie et neuf personnes ont été blessées dont quatre garde du corps du ministre, selon des sources au ministère de la Santé.
Quatre voitures piégées ont explosé dans les quartiers Amel (sud), rue Palestine (est) et Kazimiya (nord) faisant huit morts et 33 blessés.
Toujours à Bagdad, à Zaafaraniya (centre), une bombe placée en bord de route a fait six blessés, selon les mêmes sources.
A Taji, à 25 km au nord de Bagdad, six personnes ont été tuées et 22 blessées dans un attentat suicide à la voiture piégée et deux bombes placées en bord de route, a-t-on poursuivi. A Tarmiya, à 45 au nord de Bagdad, un soldat a été tué dans une attaque similaire contre une base de l’armée.
A Baqouba, 60 km au nord-est de la capitale, un kamikaze a fait détoner sa veste d’explosifs dans la maison d’un lieutenant de police, tuant l’officier et blessant quatre membres de sa famille, selon l’armée. Deux autres policiers ont été tués et deux blessés par des attaques suicide à la voiture piégée.
A l’exterieur de la ville, un policier a été abattu par des hommes armés et six personnes ont été blessées par deux bombes contre leur maison, selon la police.
Dans la région de Kirkouk, à 255 km au nord de Bagdad, six bombes ont explosé dans le village de Malha devant les maisons des principaux chefs de la tribu Abou Hamdane et des membres de la Sécurité, tuant cinq personnes, dont un commandant de l’armée, et blessant six, selon un général de police.
Dans la ville même de Kirkouk, une voiture piégée a visé le convoi du général de police Taha Salahedinne, tuant deux policiers et blessant 15. Une autre voiture piégée a explosé en face de la maison du chef de la commission des investissements, tuant deux policiers et en blessant trois.
A Samarra, à 110 km au nord de Bagdad, trois membres des Sahwa, une milice anti-Qaïda, ont été tués et trois blessés ainsi que trois civils dans deux attaques à la voiture piégée contre des barrages des Sahwa, selon leur chef local Majid Abdallah.
Enfin à Ramadi, à 100 km à l’ouest de Bagdad, une personne a été tuée et neuf blessées, dont quatre policiers, dans deux attaques à la voiture piégée contre deux patrouilles, selon la police.

(19 avril 2012 – Avec les agences de presse)


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