Dr Hassan Aydinli, ITF EU representative attended the Delegation for Relations with Iraq Meeting at the EU Parliament

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D-IQ Chair MEP Struan STEVENSON and H.E. Mr. Mohammed Abdullah AL-HUMAIMIDI, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Abdullah AL-HUMAIMIDI, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Belgium and ITF EU Representative Dr. Hassan AYDINLI

 D-IQ Chair MEP Struan STEVENSON and ITF EU Representative Dr. Hassan AYDINLI

Dr. Hassan Aydinli, Iraqi Turkmen Front EU Representative,  attended the Delegation for relations with Iraq meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels on 24th January 2012.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Struan Stevenson, MEP, Chair of the D-IQ at the EU Parliament.

Other MEPs who attended the meeting were: Mr. Andres Perello Rodrigez and Mr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras.

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Abdullah AL-HUMAIMIDI, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq attended the Iraq Delegation meeting for the first time since he was appointed in Belgium.


Mr. Struan Stevenson MEP started the meeting by strongly condemning the series of bomb attacks which took place in Iraq recently, he called on all Iraqi political groups and factions to take the necessary steps to put an end to the violence, he recommended an inclusive dialogue between all parties.

Among the topics mentioned by MEP Struan Stevenson were:

– that the date of closure of Camp Ashraf had been postponed from 31/12/2012 to 01/04/2012. In the meantime the Iranian exiles of Camp Ashraf will be transferred to Camp Liberty,  a former US base.  Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Iraqi government for voluntary relocation of residents of Camp Ashraf on 25th December 2011.

– that Mr. Al-Hashimi was on the run and was now in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Abdullah AL-HUMAIMIDI, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq declared that the relations between the Iraqi Embassy and the EU Parliament are excellent. He gave a comprehensive picture on the current situation in Iraq, saying that Iraq is recovering and had come a long way since 2003. He said that Iraq can be governed by a National Partnership Government.  He said that US troops had left Iraq on 31st December 2011 and that Iraqi troops are now capable to ensure security. He added that Iraq has no choice but to have a democratic system.

The Iraqi Ambassador said that Iraq will continue to work to strengthen partnership with the European Union and that the Iraqi Council of Ministers has just given their agreement on this, a Partnership Agreement will be signed in Brussels very soon.

On the question on investing in Iraq the Iraqi Ambassador said that the EU investors are reluctant to invest in Iraq because of security problems, but that there are places which are more secure than others. He added that Asian countries, such as China, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia are very active in Iraq.

Regarding Camp Ashraf the Ambassador said that all parties are doing their best to resolve this problem.

Concerning Mr. Al-Hashimi, he said that hopefully the National Conference will resolve this problem, that this will be dealt with according to the Iraqi laws.

Regarding development and investment, he declared that Iraq has a five-year plan which will procure 4 million jobs.

MEP  A. Perello Rodrigez  took the floor and said that Iraqis need to organize peace in their country, that many Spanish companies are interested to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq but that violent bombings give a negative picture.

When the Chair Mr. Struan Stevenson commented that there is some controversy about Iran’s influence in Iraq, H.E. Mr. Mohammed Abdullah AL-HUMAIMIDI replied that Iraq does not accept any interference from its neighbours.

MEP Mr. Struan Stevenson declared that he would like a EU Delegation to visit Iraq some time during 2012 and that on that occasion he would like to visit other parts of Iraq beside Baghdad and Erbil.

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