Iraqi Turkmen Front: We may be obliged to defend ourselves once US troops have withdrawn.

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An explanation from Iraqi Turkmen regarding the “defense”

The Iraqi Turkmen Front made a statement saying; “We may be obliged to defend ourselves once the US troops have withdrawn”.


Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) Erşad Salihi said that they may be obliged to defend themselves when the US troops withdraw from Iraq in the possibly resulting tension.

In the extraordinary meeting of ITF province heads the recent situation in Kirkuk, the withdrawal of US troops and the kidnappings and killings of Turkmen were discussed.

After the meeting ITF Head Erşad Salihi spoke to Cihan agency saying that recently Turkmen had become a target and it was impossible to understand why the central government had remained silent on the subject.

Erşad Salihi said that they wanted a commission to be established in order to protect the lives of Iraqi Turkmen saying, “We informed the President and other authorities about our problems. We urgently demand that a commission to deal with this issue is formed. Turkmen are being kidnapped or killed. We want this to be prevented. The future of the Turkmen in endangered. There are some political obstacles for realizing this issue. The Iraqi Government is taking this issue very seriously.”

Erşad Salihi demanded that an investigation commission consisting of political and non-governmental organizations and legal consultants from the Turkish world to be established to look into the reasons why Turkmen have become a target, “It seems that the political negotiations regarding the dissemination of Sunni, Shiite and Kurds which is going on in Iraq still endeavor to wipe out Turkmen from the regions they live in. We can not remain silent in this matter. This is why we need everybody’s support.”

Erşad Salihi pointed out that if the Turkmen were not protected after the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq they would have to do so themselves and said: “The US troops shall withdraw from Iraq. With this withdrawal there may be tensions. There might be problems protecting the Turkmen. Experience shows us that the Iraqi government might not support. In that case the Turkmen are obliged to protect themselves. At least everyone will protect their own neighborhood.”

World Bulletin/News Center


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