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The recent attacks directed at the Turkmen was brought to the agenda of the Assembly by MHP ‎Deputy Chairman and Member of Parliament from Ankara Tuğrul Türkeş.
In his speech from the Assembly rostrum Tuğrul Türkeş said the following: ‎

‎“ Today is the first of November 2011. Exactly 8 years and 7 months ago on the 20th of March 2003 ‎our neighbor Iraq was invaded by the U.S. to bring democracy. According to most recent ‎notifications the U.S. troops will be withdrawing from this country in 2 months. Have you thought what ‎will be happening right at our doorstep in Iraq, our neighboring country after the new year? “What is ‎the status of the various communities there and what lays in their future? “ I believe we must give ‎thought and assess this situation. ‎
The Turkmen community is the most unclaimed as well as being in the most difficult situation among ‎the communities in Iraq. The Turkmen population live mainly in Northern Iraq in Kirkuk, Arbil, ‎Sulaimaniya and have gone through great difficulties during the past 8 and even 9 years. ‎

The population of this community which was assessed as around 3 million during the Saddam regime ‎seems to have been reduced to almost half of that. Of course there are several reasons for this which ‎should be researched and assessed. ‎

In 2003 in the days following the U.S. invasion various groups in Kirkuk and Mosul systematically ‎targeted the land registry and population administration offices. The records kept at those offices ‎were pillaged, burned, destroyed. They endeavored to destroy the records in such a way that the ‎natural texture of the structure there could be systematically ignored. ‎
Later the attacks, intimidations and even murders continued with a certain systematic order.

Since 30th of August nearly 20 incidents have taken place in Kirkuk. Most of these incidents were ‎directed at medical doctors. Previously such attacks targeted businessmen and local tradesmen. This ‎indicates that various activities were carried out in order to force the Turkmen living in Kirkuk to ‎leave…‎

Unfortunately I am sad to say that so far the perpetrators of these attacks have gotten away. Neither ‎the central government nor the Iraqi parliament has taken any serious measures against the terror ‎attacks and any future attacks directed at Iraqi Turkmen. This is not something we can ignore. ‎

First they kidnapped merchants with money leave which was followed by the kidnapping of medical ‎doctors; now teachers and scientists are being targeted. The perpetrators demand ransom following ‎such kidnappings. The total amount of ransom paid during the past year totals over 4 million dollars; ‎the perpetrators demand different sums such as 250 thousand, 150 thousand, 50 thousand dollars for ‎the persons they have kidnapped. This is going on while the U.S. presence is still there; at least the ‎U.S. tries to maintain minimum stability in the region. After they withdraw the incidents will increase ‎and grow bolder. I have come here to draw your attention to this matter. “‎

I take this opportunity to celebrate the Eid which will take place this weekend and extend my ‎respects. ‎

Speech of Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik : ‎

Distinguished Chairman, esteemed members of parliament; I have taken the stand to reply to ‎the statement made by Bursa MP the distinguished Sena Kaleli regarding the problems of ‎seasonal agricultural laborer which were spoken off the agenda. I greet you all with respect. ‎

I start my speech by wishing God’s mercy on our Esteemed Brother the late Harun Çakır and ‎patience to his family. I take this opportunity to commemorate all our martyrs and ‎congratulate our members of parliament on the 88th anniversary of our nation’s republic. ‎

Before I begin my subject speech I want to underline that the subject regarding Iraq, the ‎problems in Iraq and the Turkmen which were the subject of the Esteemed Member of ‎Parliament who spoke a short while earlier is extremely important. Of course we are all aware ‎of the events in Iraq. I serious administration gap process has been experienced and Turkey is ‎making major efforts, significant attempts to overcome this administration gap. Our meetings ‎with Iraq on all levels are continuing and within this framework I want to come to the primary ‎subject and express the following: Turkey has continued to foster relations with all elements in ‎facilitating peace, serenity and brotherhood in Iraq and problems regarding Turkmen have been an ‎absolute item at every meeting. I express my hope that the administration gap does not emerge ‎during the future process.‎



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