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The reaction of the Turkmen brought a response and the Commission of the Ministry of ‎Interior was in Kirkuk. The Ministry of Interior which visited Kirkuk on the instructions of ‎Prime Minister Nuri Maliki met with local authorities at the Kirkuk Governor’s office and ‎focused on the subject of security. The mission lead by General Ahmet Ebu Ragif, deputy of ‎the Ministry of Interior, received information about the murders executed in Kirkuk. ‎

The mission from Baghdad to Kirkuk took place shortly after the escalation of attacks ‎directed at Turkmen doctors and businessmen in Kirkuk and the following demonstration held ‎by Turkmen in Kirkuk . During the entrance of the Ministry of Interior Commission into the ‎Governor’s office a Turkmen mission consisting of Turkmen non governmental organizations ‎greeted the mission with banners proclaiming the demands of the Turkmen.

After the escalation of the events, Iraqi Turkmen Front and Turkmen MP Erşet Salihi spoke ‎with Prime Minister Nuri Maliki. On the instructions of Maliki, the Minister of Interior ‎Commission arrived in Kirkuk today to be briefed by the Governor of Kirkuk, Head of ‎Parliament and the Chiefs of Police. ‎
The most recent victims of terror attacks directed at Turkmen were Neurosurgeon Dr.Yıldırım ‎Demirci and his brother Zeynelabdin Demirci.

The mission convened at the Kirkuk Governor’s office with Governor Necmettin Ömer ‎Kerim, Head of Province Assembly Hasan Turan, chiefs of police and members of the Kirkuk ‎province assembly security commission.
Kirkuk Governor Necmettin Ömer Kerim held a press conference stating that the delegation ‎coming from Baghdad to Kirkuk had been briefed on the security dossier and that there was a ‎need for added security forces.

In the statement made by Head of Kirkuk province assembly security commission Ahmet El ‎Askeri said that logistic support was necessary to prevent the attacks in Kirkuk and ensure ‎their life protection. Head of Kirkuk province assembly Hasan Turan said that the Ministry of ‎Interior Commission from Baghdad needed a real intelligence study to be carried out in ‎Kirkuk.
Member of Kirkuk province assembly Ali Mehdi spoke on Türkmeneli Television and ‎provided information regarding the meeting with the delegation.

Head of Kirkuk province assembly said that he had told the delegation yesterday about the ‎attack directed at a Turkmen health worker as well as the attack directed at his personal ‎bodyguard. Province assembly member Ali Mehdi said that the Ministry of Interior ‎Commission would review Kirkuk’s security file.

During the entrance of the Ministry of Interior Commission into the Governor’s office a ‎Turkmen mission greeted the mission with placards. The demonstrating Turkmen demanded ‎that the attacks directed at Türkmen doctors, businessmen and intellectuals be stopped. The ‎groups also held a placard which demanded the arrest of the terrorists who murdered ‎Dr.Yıldırm Dermirci.

The group which gathered in front of the Governor’s office demanded that the attacks ‎directed at Turkmen be stopped and that a Turkmen force be established.

The Turkmen who spoke to Türkmeneli Television presented the demands of the Turkmen.


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