Turkmen doctor Damarchi, father of four, and his brother killed by unknown gunmen in Kerkuk

September 7, 2011 at 1:31 pm | Posted in Turkmens | 1 Comment
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Iraqi doctor’s killing raises fears in Kirkuk .

Hundreds of people took to the streets of the city of Kirkuk on Tuesday to protest the killing of a well-known neurologist and his brother, which has raised fears among Iraqi doctors.
Mohsen Abdel Majeed, the head of the Kirkuk doctors syndicate, announced a doctors’ strike until steps are taken to protect medics.
Among those who turned out to mourn Yalderim Abbas al-Damarchi, shot dead on Monday, were tribal sheikhs, doctors and government officials.
Damarchi, a Shiite Turkmen father of four, and his brother were killed by unknown gunmen while they were driving home from his clinic in Kirkuk.

“The killing of the doctor is a catastrophe which shocked Kirkuk’s people, especially doctors,” Sadiq Omar Rasul, the general director of the Kirkuk health directorate said.
“We call on the Iraqi government to protect doctors,” he added.
Kirkuk has seen a spate of kidnappings and threats against doctors. According to Majeed, about $1.5 million has been paid in ransoms for doctors in Kirkuk since 2004.

Ransoms for doctors usually range between $250,000 to $500,000, Majeed said.
Kidnappings are relatively common in the disputed province of Kirkuk, which is rich in both oil and ethnic tension.


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  1. Will liberation’s bloodbath never end? In Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya – where next? Please, US, UK, NATO – a big favour: Stay home.

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