Turkmen leader Ersad Salihi’s house attacked

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Turkmen leader’s house attacked

No one was harmed in the attack on Ersad Salihi

The Kurdish Globe

Saturday, 14 May 2011, 08:28 GMT
Two missiles were fired at the home of a senior Turkmen leader in Kirkuk on Thursday.

 There was also a large number of explosives on the roof of the leader’s house.

No one was harmed in the attack on Ersad Salihi’s house, the newly elected President of the Turkmen Front. It was not immediately known who orchestrated the attack.

Yadgar Shukur of the police coordination section said one of the missiles hit the roof of the building and the other fell behind his house. 

Ersad Salihi was recently unanimously elected to chair the Iraqi Turkmen Front in Kirkuk province with the full support of the front’s leadership. The Turkmen Council in Kirkuk said at the time that it had decided to relieve Saddettin Ergeç  of the presidency of the Turkmen Front on account of his poor health.

Founded in 1995, the Turkmen Front has been at loggerheads with Kurdish factions in Kirkuk over the territorially disputed, oil-rich province since its beginnings. Ergeç was elected president in 2005.

Turkey quickly released a statement about the incident, it “strongly condemns the malicious terrorist attack, and urges Iraqi authorities to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice as this is important to succeed in efforts to establish peace and stability in the country.”

In a Foreign Ministry statement released on Thursday, Turkey said it “does not have any doubts that one of the founders of Iraq, the Iraqi Turkmens, will maintain their restraint over similar acts aimed against the stability, unity and peace of Iraq.”


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