Bullets and Tumors… By Layla Anwar

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Bullets and Tumors…



By Layla Anwar


If I am to choose between dying from a bullet or a tumor, I’d choose the former…

I have seen the agony of those with tumors…I stood by their side, and saw them exhale their last breath…I saw the bald heads of chemotherapy, the bloated faces with cortisone, the final cry of mercy…

This sight is no joke…

Later on, I stood there, and prayed when their finally rested bodies showed up in coffins…

I will never forget the agony, nor the cries of pain…the coffin is relief, a sign that a clement God does really exist. And how many a times I prayed for Death, for Deliverance…

Is that what we’ve been reduced to – praying for the angel of Death to deliver us ?

Deliver us from your bullets or your tumors ?

Because I tell you, every single person I come across that arrives from Iraq will tell me the same…they tell me if you are not killed with a bullet, you will be killed with a tumor.

Iraq has become a disaster area, a health hazard…the levels of toxicity and pollution are so high, none are allowed to measure.

A relative arrived from Basra, I wanted to ask…she beat me to it and said “Don’t”

I offered her lunch, tea, and tried again…

She finally spilled it – she said: the number of handicapped I have come across I have never ever witnessed in my life before…Layla, stop, don’t ask me about the cancer cases. She is a medical doctor by the way…and they are known to have thick, tough skins…but even for her it was too much to witness in a 10 days visit.

Whenever I hear of someone coming over, they are coming over for treatment. The new laws stipulate you can get a visa if you are to buy a car, or seek treatment that is not available in your home country. Kid you not.

So those who land here, are either pretending to buy a car, or giving proof for curing tumors…

And there are hundreds of cases, that pretend to buy a car or are eager to cure a tumor…

Young and old…there is no age barrier…females and males…soft tissues.

It’s all very discreet and no one talks about it…you just hear so and so has ovarian, uterine breast, lymphatic, blood, prostate cancer…you nod your head and offer another prayer…

And you know that the cases are multiplying…and you pray some more…like a beggar waiting for someone to throw crumbs his way…

The newIraq is the Democracy of toxicity and contamination…it is the new democracy where you wish for a quick easy bullet instead of a long agonizing tumor.


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