Khojaly Commemoration in Brussels

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The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) organized an event on 1st March 2011 in Brussels to Commemorate the Khojaly Tragedy

H.E. Mr. Emin EYYUBOV, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Kingdom of Belgium – Head of Mission to the EU

From left to right: Leon COOK, Head of Government Relations TEAS – Alikram MUZAFFAR, IDEAL Barışın Tebliği Vakfı – Göran LINDBLAD, External Public Affairs Advisor TEAS – Dr. Hassan AYDINLI, Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF)  EU Representative


Merry FITZGERALD, Europe-Turkmen Friendships Association – Nurlana GURBANOVA, Third Secretary Embassy of Azerbaijan to Belgium and Luxembourg, Mission to the European Communities


On 26 February, Azerbaijan mourns one of the darkest days in its history, for that day in 1992 saw Armenian military forces brutally murder 613 civilian inhabitants in the town of KHOJALY in Azerbaijan.  This day is no ordinary memorial – it is a day both to mourn the dead, and a reminder of the Armenian aggression that continues in Azerbaijan to this day. 

The European Azerbaijan Society seeks recognition by the international community of this tragedy, and encourages the world to act. The effects of Armenian aggression, and such human rights abuses as the Khojaly Massacre, are still felt.  Armenian aggression has resulted in nearly 30,000 deaths on both sides, with 50,000 being wounded or maimed, and 900 settlements undergoing looting and burning since the arly 1990s.  The fact remains that 1 million Azerbaijanis have been made homeless, amounting to nearly a ninth of the entire Azerbaijani population.  They are now resident in refugee settlements across Azerbaijan, due to this humanitarian catastrophe.

Specifically, the European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) seeks:

  • Recognition from the EU that the Khojaly tragedy was a massacre perpetrated by Armenia
  • Recognition from the EU that the current situation in Nagorno-Karabach and the seven surrounding regions is unsustainable
  • Acknowledgement from the EU that Armenia is the aggressor state in this conflict, being prepared to apply economic and diplomatic sanctions against Armenia, unless it agrees to withdraw its military from the territory
  • Agreement that the 1m refugees displaced, due to sustained Armenian aggression, should be repatriated to their homeland
  • Complete withdrawal of Armenian military forces from all the occupied territories and an end to further aggressive expansionism
  • Continued negotiation about the future status of Nagorno-Karabakh, together with public diplomacy.

The Azerbaijan-Belgium Friendship Association  urges you not to remain indifferent to the Genocide of Khojaly.

You can sign the Petition to the World Leaders (to recognize Khojaly Massacre as a Crime Against Humanity and to fight injustice in the world), please see:


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