Iraqi Turkmen Front EU Representative attended the Delegation for relations with Iraq Meeting at the European Parliament

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ITF EU Representative Dr. Hassan Aydinli attended the 27 January 2011 Delegation for relations with Iraq Meeting at the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT in Brussels.

MEP Struan STEVENSON, Chair of D-IQ started the meeting by saying that Dr. Jafar Hassan, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, who had been invited to this meeting – to share his views on the relations between Iraq and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as well as on a larger perspective involving ongoing issues in the Middle East – was unable to attend as his flight had been cancelled because of the bad weather conditions  in the U.S.

The Chair said that MEP Ana GOMES, Member of the D-IQ, could not attend the meeting as she is presently in Erbil to attend a two days conference on Women’s Rights.

The Chair informed about the evolutions occurred in the highest political and institutional sphere in Iraq.  He said that Hussein Sharistani had been appointed to the Oil Ministry and that Hoshyar Zebari had been reappointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He said that the 3 Vice-President posts had not yet been attributed. He said that the security situation in Iraq is still fragile.

The chair informed also that there are plans to organise a mission to Iraq involving EU Parliament Members, Members of the Commission and Members of the Council of Europe, but because no visas (authorisations) were given by the Commission (for security reasons) it has been recommended (by the Bishops) that a M-E conference on persecution should be held at the USEK Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK: Université Saint Esprit de Kaslik) in the Lebanon, on 19-21 April 2011, in order to prepare a Major Conference in Iraq during the first semester of 2011. 

The Chair said that provided they get visas he would very much like to go on to Baghdad directly after the Lebanon conference, he suggested a maximum of 80 participants and said that the Members of the Iraq Delegation should first discuss this with their colleagues of the Mashreq Delegation. He said that invitations would be sent to the other members of the delegation to see if they agree.

MEP Tunne KELAM reminded that Christians are very much under pressure.

MEP Miguel PORTAS said he did not think it is a good idea to discuss the Christian minority only, but that other persecuted minorities should also be included.

The Chair recommended that the conference should be on the persecution of all minorities in Iraq, not only the Christian minority.

At the end of the meeting ITF EU Representative Dr. Hassan Aydinli spoke to MEP Struan STEVENSON and MEP Miguel PORTAS he told them that he agreed that it is imperative to include all persecuted minorities of Iraq in the discussions, not only the Christian minority.



United Nations SECURITY COUNCIL Resolution 1957 (2010) Security Council Takes Action to End Iraq Sanctions, Terminate Oil-For-Food


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