IRAQ – THE FORGOTTEN OCCUPATION from occupation to neo-colonial rule?-

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Guest Speaker


Iraqi author, journalist & activist

Iraq; from occupation to neo-colonial rule?

There has now been 20 years of war, in its many phases, on the people of Iraq. The reasons given to the British people for the war in 2003 were unfounded. No weapons of mass destruction were found and Blair either knew or should have known this before invading. Blair is being recalled to the Chilcot Inquiry on Friday 21st January 9.30am to explain himself. Stop the War is organising protests, street theatre and media briefings.

The war on Iraq continues not just through the actions of US occupation forces and presence of foreign mercenaries, but also through a number of punitive measures that are used against Iraq in order to secure compliance with US wishes.

Is the occupation now moving to neo-colonial rule?

Norwich Central Baptist Church,

Duke Street, Norwich NR3 3AP,

Wednesday 9th February, 7pm

Public Meeting All welcome


· First Gulf War 1991

· Sanctions 1990-2003

· Invasion and Occupation 2003

Still ongoing· Over a million Iraqis killed, 4 million displaced of which 2 million exiled, millions wounded.

· Thousands of U.S. led soldiers killed and maimed.


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