Hicran Kazancı at the Republic of Turkey Grand Assembly

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Hicran Kazancı at the Republic of Turkey Grand Assembly
07 January 2011, Friday

The President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey received Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı in his chambers at the TBMM.

At the meeting President of the Grand Assembly Şahin said that they had worked towards stability in Iraq since the beginning until now and that they had forwarded their recommendation for the establishment of a national government in Iraq to all the involved parties and that they were following the developments closely.
Hicran Kazancı thanked the President for sparing the time to meet with him among the intense and rapid assembly duties and said, “This displays your interest in the Turkmen”. At the meeting, H.Kazancı explained that the last elections had given the Iraqi Turkmen Front 6 seats in the Iraqi Parliament and 4 seats to the other groups bringing the total elected Iraqi Turkmen MPs to a total of 10 and that 3 Turkmen ministers had been appointed by the government which was established a short while ago. H.Kazancı said “As democracy settles the Turkmen will appear in the forefront. The Turkmen have a significant role in taking Iraq forward; it is important that we retain our Turkmen identity in doing so”.

At the end of the visit President of the Grand National Assembly Mehmet Ali Şahin presented ITF TR Hicran Kazancı with a gift.



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