Marco Pannella is on a hunger strike to bring to the fore the “horrible, ‘unbelievable’ historical truth” about the Iraqi war

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Since October 2nd, at midnight, Marco Pannella is on a hunger strike. It is a new nonviolent contribution to the Satyagraha the Nonviolent Radical Party has been conducting over the last few years, aiming at establishing and promoting the truth about why President Bush and Premier Blair started the war in Iraq instead of accepting a peaceful solution that was available: the exile for Saddam Hussein, and a democratic government for Iraq. The hunger strike started on the “International Day of Nonviolence”: a celebration established by the UN that Marco Pannella intends to fully honour rather than just let it be a mere ‘good wish’ moment.

In addition to bring to the fore the “horrible, ‘unbelievable’ historical truth” about the Iraqi war, “hided and refused, firstly – today – in and from our “western”, “civilized”, “human rights-based”, “free country”, this nonviolent initiative has the objective of raising awareness to advocate an urgent reform of the Italian justice and penitentiary system, which keeps inmates in such inhuman conditions to that are considered torture by international standards and human rights courts.



On October 26, an Iraqi high court sentenced to death former minister of Foreign Affairs Tarek Aziz, on that day, Marco Pannella started a thirst strike to obtain the halt of the execution asking the Italian Government to act promptly to that effect. In a matter of hours, both Chambers of the Italian Parliament adopted a motion mandating the Government to directly intervene in Baghdad and to promote a European initiative to urge the Iraqis to establish of moratorium of executions.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies officially heard Mr. Pannella both on the Tarek Aziz fate and the reconstruction of the boycotted exile for Saddam. During the Congress of Radical italiani, Marco Pannella launched an appeal to Italy’s Foreign Minister to accompany him to Baghdad to meet prime minister Al-Maliki to advocate a new general moratorium on death penalty in the country.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini and Marco Pannella, are set to meet with Al-Maliki in the near future. The Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty, asks parliamentarians, human rights defenders, citizens worldwide to join this campaign here <>

At the following links you can find more information and documents on the issue.












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  1. Thank you Mr Pannella – if the “democratic” world can be further shamed, this sentence sinks us to the abyss – as every Iraqi death. Thank you again, for your stance and moral courage.

  2. I salute you Marco Panella. We embrace you. Now
    the west only knows how to destroy. We have had no reply to this letter sent one week ago. David Halpin

    The Rt Honourable William J Hague 10 November 2010
    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
    King Charles St
    SW1A 2AH

    The sentencing to death of Tariq Aziz, formerly Foreign Secretary to the Republic of Iraq

    Dear Mr Hague,
    We write as citizens of the UK and as fellow humans. We plead that you and your government seek clemency for this man who represented the interests of Iraq abroad. Our main reasons are:-
    The present government lacks full legitimacy, so the lawfulness of its courts might not be sound. We note that the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal, which tried him, was set up by the Coalition Provisional Authority ie by the occupation forces.
    The man has been incarcerated since April 2003
    He is old at 74 years and ill. The BBC reported in January this year that he had suffered a stroke
    How will the agony and the slaughter in Iraq be healed by hooding and hanging this man?
    We are reinforced in our pleading by these clear words in HMG Death Penalty Strategy: October 2010.
    Quote from Executive Summary

    ”Why is abolition of the death penalty important?  Promoting human rights and democracy is a priority for the UK. We oppose the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle.”

    and under ‘Our Vision’

    ”1. The UK cares about the death penalty because: Promoting human rights and democracy overseas is a priority for HMG.  The UK opposes the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle because it undermines human dignity; there is no conclusive evidence of its deterrent value; and any miscarriage of justice leading to its imposition is irreversible and irreparable.”

    We thank you for hearing our plea.

    Yours sincerely

    The Rt Revd Michael Langrish MA Bishop of Exeter
    Dr Melanie Thorne PhD of Kingskerswell
    Mrs Joy Davies of Yealmpton
    Mrs Celia Adams of Budleigh Salterton
    Mrs Mary Bedforth of Guildford
    Mr David Halpin MB BS FRCS

    Ben Bradshaw MP
    Anne Marie Morris MP
    Garry Streeter MP
    Hugo Swire MP
    Anne Milton MP

    This letter has been sent by e-mail to
    and to the Members of Parliament listed above who represent the signatories

    Please reply to Mr David Halpin FRCS Kiln Shotts, Haytor, Newton Abbot TQ13 9XR
    or to

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