Kerkuk: Raid on the home of a Turkmen Family by US occupiers and Kurdish Asayish

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The Kurdish Terror – Showed Their Ugly Face Once Again by Raiding of a Turkmen House

By Mofak Salman, Turkmeneli Party Representative for Both Ireland and United Kingdom

On the 5th of November 2008  U.S. soldiers accompanied by Kurdish security forces,  known as Asayish,  raided the home of Turkmen citizen  Nazim Suleiman Begoglu in the Turkmen city of Kirkuk, district of Althbat .

According to a member of the family who was present in the house during the raid, the U.S. forces who were accompanied by a group of Kurdish security forces “Asayish”, broke the doors and penetrated in the house just after midnight.
They entered the house after smashing the main gates and doors, then they arrested two of the sons: Nabil Nazim Suleiman, aged thirty and his brother Zakaria Nazim Suleiman aged twenty-eight who worked in a shop selling electrical appliances in downtown Kirkuk. 

The Asayish were wearing Ballaklavas, there was a Kurdish flag on the sleeves of their uniform and they spoke with a  Kurdish accent.

The Asayish and American forces destroyed the furniture,  smashed doors and windows and randomly fired bullets using automatic machine guns inside the house in order to terrify the innocent unarmed Turkmen family.

They moved all the members of the family into a single room and they tied their hands behind their backs and faced them to the wall. The children and the women of the family were body searched and this is utterly unacceptable in the culture and the tradition of Islam and the  Turkmen culture especially. This criminal act was carried out by the Kurdish Asayish and US forces despite the assurances that were given by the central government and officials that raids could not be carried out on the homes of the citizens without a warrant.

According to the information that has been released, the raiding forces requested the frightened Turkmen family to show them their savings and jewelry, the family did so under the force of a gun.  US forces and Asayish stole their savings and jewelry during the raid. This matter should be urgently investigated by the US occupying forces in Kirkuk because they are responsible for the safety and security.

After the incident the Turkmen family approached the police in Kirkuk, the political organizations and the governor of Kirkuk Mustafa Abdullrahman who is a Kurd (appointed by the US forces) asking for help and assistance. Assurances were given to the Turkmen family by the Kirkuk governor that there would be an investigation of the incident but unfortunately no proper action has been taken.

The arbitrary arrests of the two brothers, Zakaria and Nabil Nazim Suleiman Begoglu by the Asayish and US occupied forces are a clear violation of human rights. The brothers are still detained  by the occupying forces and no one knows where they are imprisoned. The family of the detainees have not been given any reason for their arrest and the detainees have not been given access to a lawyer.

Turkmens of Iraq call upon the Turkish President Abdullah Gül and all Iraqi and international organizations defending the human rights to intervene immediately by the authorities of the Iraqi government at the highest levels to ask for the protection of the Turkmens, Arabs and Assyrians who are victims of Kurdish oppression in the North of Iraq. 

Turkmens demand the removal of the Asayish from the Turkmen city of Kirkuk and ask that they be replaced by forces from the central government consisting of Arabs, Turkmens, Assyrians and Kurds.

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