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Tony Blair,  the war criminal of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East and a former prime minister of UK, was awarded last night Sept. 13 2010 the “Liberty Medal” at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia by the famous protagonist of many sex scandals in the White House, former President Bill Clinton, the chair of the NCC joined the president while awarding the disgraceful Bliar in ignorance of the scene of last week when he was pelted with shoes, eggs, and beer bottles during the signing of his miserable first book in Ireland, after he left millions of widows orphans behind him in Iraq. The “medal of freedom” is supposedly given to people in recognition of their effort for peace, NOT for war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, corruption and thievery. This award was established in 1988 on the bicentennial anniversary of the proclamation of the US Constitution, and until now it has been given ONLY to war criminals from the US and its allies.

Another signing event of Blairs book was canceled in London due to the huge protest against his crimes. Blair brought disaster to the humanity and is still committing genocidal crimes in the same way everywhere he puts his feet.

Blair received his criminal award two days after the exposition of a scandalous investigation into his activities published by the dailymail.co.uk, click here to read the interesting report published in English language.


Bliar, who is surrounded with an army of bodyguards whenever he travels or makes a tour, ONLY deserve to be hanged or sentenced to death in accordance to the international laws against war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. The medals and signs of affection which he receives from other criminal politicians will never erase the fact that Blair is a WAR CRIMINAL who caused murders of millions in IRAQ and who is involved in the wholesale looting of Palestine. What better testimony to this is that some weeks ago he reportedly bought an apartment for his daughter and paid one million pounds in cash. Where did he get that money while most honorable English people are equally reduced to penury due to his criminal machinations?


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