Of tyrant rulers and innocent people – Rauf Naqaishbendi

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Of tyrant rulers and innocent people

  • KurdishMedia.com – By Rauf Naqaishbendi
  • 08/05/2009

When tyrants reign with absolute power, they make every effort to weaken the will and spirit of the people. They employ every harsh measure to subdue the object of their oppression understanding when the people band together to rise against them, it will be their ultimate downfall. Because wealth is a vital aspect of this absolute power, these tyrants, in pursuit of their power domination, loot the wealth of the nations in order to further secure their authority. This is the historical pattern of the rule of tyrants. An especially tragic example of this subject, that is the ruthlessness of tyrants and the innocence of people, can be seen in the inhumane conditions the Iraqi Kurds must endure under the self-seeking reign of two modern day tyrants, Jala Talabani and Masoud Barzani. This situation must be brought into the light.

One who isn’t familiar with the Kurdish situation might wonder if the Kurds themselves are insane, for they found themselves with not only one bad leader, but with two? Why would they allow their situation to be doubly damaged? Why don’t they simply choose a good leader? The answer is simple: it is not the Kurds’ desire to have these debauched men as their leaders, but rather the result of very unfortunate circumstances. Barzani and Talabani are locked in a power struggle. If either of the two could kill the other and all his armed followers, he would. But they are at a stalemate, and therefore, the Kurds have been trapped as a captive audience. Even if the Kurds were able to topple one of these leaders, which would be easier to accomplish than toppling both at once, the result would be that the other ruler would then take over. The Kurds would still not be free of the tyrant.

The power struggle between these two tyrants has already taken a bloody toll on the Kurdish people. When these rulers didn’t have enough money, or when one had more than the other, they fought each other using the blood of their own people. This battle was far bitterer than any they ever fought against the Kurdish enemy, Saddam. They fought against one another while leaving Saddam’s regime alone. Furthermore, Mr. Barzani went so far as to invite and help Saddam’s troops to invade Kurdistan. In fact, the bravest and the best of Peshmargas perished not in resisting Kurdish enemies, but in the bloody power confrontation between Barzani and Talabani.

After the American invasion of Iraq, both leaders began receiving billions of dollars annually intended for the reconstruction of Kurdistan and other social programs. However, both rulers have been dispensing only a fraction of those funds for the public good. The lion share of those funds has instead been deposited into their personal accounts. Thus, the money has become a peacemaker preventing a bloody fight between the two factions. Of course, the fighting between the two factions was never fought for ideological or philosophical reasons or differences about how to free the Kurdistan from occupation, but rather it has always been a battle between the two leaders to maintain their power at any cost.

The two leaders have plundered over the people’s rights and slammed the doors of equal opportunity. Each tyrant has his active secret service to suffocate any opposition. Each has his cronies and family members employed in highly visible government and public offices. Each has his own armed forces and law enforcement in his respective territory. Between the two, they have full control of the main publications and broadcasting systems. Yet both are portraying themselves as democratic leaders and claiming transparency whenever public opinion makes this claim necessary.

The rule of tyrants doesn’t last forever. The exercise of force and cronyism to control the public domain ultimately fails. Instead, the force of public frustration will at some point rise up and strike a blow right in the faces of the despots. In a movement toward the better good of the people of Kurdistan, former high ranking members from Talabani’s and Barzani’s parties are now leading the fight for the interest of their people against their former affiliations. These former members must be admired and respected for their brave actions and their sense of moral and national responsibilities.

The coming parliamentary election will be a rude awakening for the two wicked Kurdish leaders. They will realize their injustices have gone too far, and will no longer be tolerated. Perhaps the opposition’s gain will be small. But that is how gradual changes will take root. It will be a first step toward justice, a first step in the right direction. It will be a step that will in the long run topple the current leadership and shake the yoke of their oppression. The public silence they have enforced and used to maintain their corrupt leadership will, in the end, bring about an inexorable public outrage. Ultimately, the tyrants will find themselves in a court of justice where they will be tried for their past and present treasons.

Barzani and Talabani have grown too complacent. Their assessment of the situation is grossly mistaken. The people may be disappointed, but they have not fallen into despair. They may have kept silent fearing harsh consequences, but they have not given up striving to find their way out of this misery. Yes the people have been silent for a long time, but they still have not submitted to accepting the status quo.

Both leaders realize that their continued rivalry is detrimental to the Kurdish cause for independence, yet their sense of selfish greed and tribal prestige outweigh their sense of the national well-being. This problem has been further exacerbated by the United States role in administering Iraq’s national budget. As it has happened, separate multi-billion dollar disbursements have been given to both Barzani and Talabany for budgets of their regions. The accounting records of budgeting have been concealed from the public. Now competition for this high stakes money has been added to these rulers’ obsession with power, further blighting any hope of unifying Kurdish leaders. Therefore, the Kurdish people need to rid of both these leaders given a chance to a new leadership governed with a national consciousness rather than personal greed and tribal loyalties. The upcoming election is a chance for the people of Kurdistan to cast the voice of their destiny.

The results of the election will be contrary to what Mr. Talabani and Mr. Barzani expect because they ignore the people’s inspiration for justice and freedom. They mistakenly see the people as weakened by their tight control. But the will of the people for justice and freedom always ends up victorious while wickedness is always destined to ruin.

Rauf Naqishbendi’s memoirs The Garden Of The Poets recently published(Unedited).


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