Dr. Vandana SHIVA to Iraqi Farmers & Women

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Dr Vandana Shiva to IRAQI Farmers & Women





& Freedom…


Dedicated to Iraqi Farmers and Women


Dr. Vandana Shiva to Iraqis


The Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies (INEAS)


Interview by Wafa’ Al-Natheema

February 2009

New Delhi, India



Let April 26 of every year be the day to celebrate free seeds, farmers’ rights and biodiversity.




Patent, Industrial Design, Undisclosed information,

Integrated circuits and Plant Variety

Law CPL/ORD/20 AP 04/81/

Coalition Provisional Authority (Iraq) 26 April04


Please click on the following link:



For those who wish to endorse April 26 and publicize it through the media or hold an event on April 26, please send an email to Richard Sullivan at INEAS@aol.com by April 1.


Thank you.


Best Regards,

Wafaa’ Al-Natheema



This video was put together to provide general information and to invite organizations, activists and agriculture experts to join us in endorsing April 26 as International Seeds Day
and to educate about biodiversity, organic foods, Genetically Modified (GM)-Free Seeds and Order 81.
You will find more info. in the video.
It is not too late to endorse the event. You still have time until April 1, 09 to send your organization’s and/or your
name, website and location (city/country) to our address at INEAS@aol.com You will receive an email letting you know what is needed to be done and how you can help.We encourage you to organize an event to educate about the genetically modified food, terminator seeds, Order 81, US corporations and their attempts, policies and even dirty work to have a monopoly over agriculture in Africa and Asia.We apologize for any error we may have committed in the information provided in this video. We edited it in a hurry to meet a deadline. PLEASE write to us should you find any error and also post a comment here.

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