ANSWER Coalition responds to President Obama’s Iraq Speech

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ANSWER Coalition Responds
to President Obama’s Iraq Speech
of Friday, February 27


All Out for the Mass March on the Pentagon
on Saturday March 21, 2009!


With his speech today, President Obama has essentially agreed to continue the criminal occupation of Iraq indefinitely. He announced that there will be an occupation force of 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq for at least three more years. President Obama used carefully chosen words to avoid a firm commitment to remove the 50,000 occupation troops, even after 2011.

The war in Iraq was illegal. It was aggression. It was based on lies and false rationales. President Obama’s speech today made Bush’s invasion sound like a liberating act and congratulated the troops for “getting the job done.” More than a million Iraqis died and a cruel civil war was set into motion because of the foreign invasion. President Obama did not once criticize the invasion itself.

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Liberate it ! Poem by Layla Anwar

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Liberate It ! by Layla Anwar

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Betool Fekaiki

Liberate them. Liberate this. Liberate it…
Shackles have wounded the soul, torn it apart
Chains embedded in wrists, dug into ankles, around heads,
like some embedded reporter…
Fighting the nightmare only to realize it is real,
it happened, it is happening…
No delegations à la Kerry visited,
No Pelosi came by,
No EU took photos…
Cover it up, cover it up…
Throw a blanket, a cloth,
Make it White…as white as snow.
No, better, dump them…
Mass graves, rivers, anonymous tombs…

Who will know ?
Who will speak ?



 Who will testify ?

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Obama’s Non-Withdrawal Withdrawal Plan

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February 25, 2009

Orwell in Babylon

Obama’s Non-Withdrawal Withdrawal Plan


It would be superfluous in us to point out that a plan to “end” a war which includes the continued garrisoning of up to 50,000 troops in a hostile land is, in reality, a continuation of that war, not its cessation. To produce such a plan and claim that it “ends” a war is the precise equivalent of, say, relieving one’s bladder on the back of one’s neighbor and telling him that the liquid is actually life-giving rain.

But this is exactly what we are going to get from the Obama Administration in Iraq. Word has now come from on high – that is, from “senior administration officials” using “respectable newspapers” as a wholly uncritical conduit for  government spin – that President Obama has reached a grand compromise with his generals (or rather, the generals and Pentagon poobahs he has inherited — and eagerly retained — from George W. Bush) on a plan to withdraw some American troops from the country that the United States destroyed in an unprovoked war of aggression. Obama had wanted a 16-month timetable for the partial withdrawal; his potential campaign rival in 2012, General David Petraeus, wanted 23 months; so, with Solomonic wisdom, they have now split the difference, and will withdraw a portion of the American troops in 19 months instead.

But the plan clearly envisions a substantial and essentially permanent American military presence in Iraq, dominating the politics and policy of this key oil nation – which was of course one of the chief war aims of the military aggressors in the Bush Administration all along. By implementing his war continuation plan, Obama will complete the work of Bush and his militarist clique. From the New York Times:

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Irak – Elections: L’envers du décor

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Article de Gilles Munier,


à lire dans AFRIQUE-ASIE





Pour la presse, le grand vainqueur du scrutin régional du 31 janvier est Nouri al-Maliki.

En réalité, les Irakiens n’ont pas vraiment eu le choix.



Article en pdf :


Drawdown Plan may leave combat brigades in Iraq

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NBC News Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski reported just before Obama’s speech that discussions had taken place in the Kirkuk area between some U.S. military commanders and Iraqis “to establish what could end up as a permanent air base, U.S. air base, in Kirkuk.”

please see:



February 28, 2009

Drawdown Plan May Leave Combat Brigades in Iraq

by Gareth Porter

President Barack Obama has given military commanders a free hand to determine the size and composition of a residual force in Iraq up to 50,000 troops, apparently including the option of leaving one or more combat brigades or bringing them from the United States, after the August 2010 deadline for the ostensible withdrawal of all combat brigades now in Iraq.

Although the ostensible purpose of the combat brigades remaining in Iraq would be to protect other U.S. troops in the country, they would also provide the kind of combat capability that U.S. commanders have wanted to maintain to deal with a broad range of contingencies.

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Gates suggests keeping troops in even past 2011 SOFA deadline

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Obama Sells Continuation of Iraq War as the New Pullout Plan
Gates Suggests Keeping Troops in Even Past 2011 SOFA Deadline

Jason Ditz

Feb 27, 2009Then-President George W. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq, and then proceeded to keep the war going for the remaining five and a half years of his presidency. In a speech today at Camp Lajeune, North Carolina took a page out of his predecessor’s book when he declared that “by August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end,” even as his administration prepares to keep the combat going until at least the end of 2011. Continue Reading Gates suggests keeping troops in even past 2011 SOFA deadline…

Türkmenlerin Dükkanı yandı

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Canisi elektirik kabloları sanılan Tuzhurmatuda Türkmenlere ait dördücü kez olarak dükkanları yanıyor …geçen 3 ay içinde Türkmenlerin iş yerlerinde gecenin geç saatlerinde yangın çıkıyor ve her defasında sebep ayni gösteriliyor …dün Türkmen Tuzhurmatuda ilçesinde Pazar yerinde 5 mağaza birden tutuşarak içindeki elbiseler küle dönüştü itfaiye ekiplerının olay yerine gelmesine rağmen iş işten geçmiş oldu dükkanların içindeki her şey kül olmuştu bu gibi olayların ard arda Türkmenlerin iş yerinde ve gece vakitleri tekrarlanması her kesin kafasında bir soru işareti yaratmış durumda .



Obama’s Speech at Camp Lejeune, N.C. Feb 27, 2009

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February 27, 2009



Obama’s Speech at Camp Lejeune, N.C.


Following are the prepared remarks of President Obama about withdrawing from Iraq at Camp Lejeune, N.C., on Feb. 27, 2009, as provided by the White House.


Good morning Marines. Good morning Camp Lejeune. Good morning Jacksonville. Thank you for that outstanding welcome. I want to thank Lieutenant General Hejlik for hosting me here today.


Please click on the link below:

Barack Obama’s Uighur Problem

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By Andy Worthington, AlterNet
Posted on February 20, 2009, Printed on February 27, 2009


First, the good news. Adel Abdul Hakim, one of five Uighurs (Muslims from China’s oppressed Xinjiang province), who was released from Guantánamo in May 2006, has had his asylum claim accepted by the Swedish government.

It has been a long journey for Adel. Seized in Pakistan and sold to U.S. forces in December 2001, with 17 of his compatriots, Adel had been living in a run-down hamlet in the Tora Bora mountains, dreaming of rising up against the Chinese government, when the settlement was hit in a U.S. bombing raid. Although it was clear from the very start of their detention that the Uighurs had nothing to do with either al-Qaeda or the Taliban, the Pentagon initially milked them for information about the Chinese government, and then, as a favor to that same government in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, obligingly designated the Uighurs’ separatist group, the East Turkestan Independence Movement (based on the Uighurs’ name for their homeland), as a terrorist organization, and attempted to claim that the Uighurs in Guantánamo were all members.

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Release of Iraq War Minutes vetoed

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Release of Iraq war minutes vetoed

By Michael Savage, Political Correspondent

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Details of cabinet discussions held in the run-up to the Iraq war are to be kept secret after the Government decided to take the unprecedented step of vetoing their publication.

Campaigners had demanded to see the minutes of two meetings, on 13 and 17 March 2003, amid allegations that the Cabinet failed to discuss properly or challenge the decision to invade Iraq. The legality of the war was also discussed at the meetings.

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