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Dr Ian Douglas, Abdul Ilah Albayaty

and Hana Al Bayaty






Iraqi Detainees may go from frying pan to fire

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Torture of f Iraqi Detainees in U.S. jails in Iraq


According to Human Rights Watch :

At the peak of detention by US forces in the fall of 2007, some 26,000 Iraqis were being held. Two thousand of the 17,000 still in custody are set to be released next month.



Human Rights Watch’s statement



US Cutoff Threat Unlikely to Save Iraq Troop Pact

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October 30, 2008


by Gareth Porter

The threat by the George W. Bush administration last week to withdraw all economic and military support from the Iraqi government if it does not accept the US-Iraq status of forces agreement has raised the stakes in the political-diplomatic struggle over the issue.

However, most Iraqi politicians are now so averse to any formal legitimization of the US military presence – and particularly of extraterritorial legal rights over US troops in the country – that even that threat is unlikely to save the pact.

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Kurds seen behind attacks on Christians in Iraq

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GMT 10-29-2008 21:21:36
Assyrian International News Agency
Baghdad — Kurdish involvement is suspected in the recent wave of violence against Christians in Mosul, Gulf News has learnt.

“Investigations have been completed and proved the involvement of Kurdish militias in the displacement and killing of Christians,” Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki reportedly said during a discussion with Iraqi lawmakers, according to Osama Al Nojaifi, a deputy in the Iraqi parliament.

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IRAQ: Concern over reports of child trafficking

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BAGHDAD, 29 June 2006 (IRIN) – Local officials and aid workers have expressed concern over the alarming rate at which children are disappearing countrywide in Iraq’s current unstable environment.AS/SZ/AD


“At least five children are disappearing every week,” said Omar Khalif, vice-president of the Iraqi Families Association (IFA), an NGO established in 2004 to register cases of missing children. “And the number could be much higher as we don’t have access to government statistics. In some cases, we’ve received information that they were trafficked to Europe through neighbouring countries.”

According to local investigators and the IFA, unconfirmed information suggests that children are being sold to many countries in Europe, particularly the UK and the Netherlands. However, there is no detailed information on who is buying them and for what reason.

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Transfer of WASIT to Iraqi Security Control

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Iraqi authorities have taken over responsibility for security in another province from US military forces.




Wasit, bordering Iran in the east of the country, is the 13th of Iraq’s 18 provinces to be transferred.

Washington and Baghdad are still negotiating the terms of a draft agreement covering the long-term presence of US troops in Iraq.

The Status of Forces Agreement aims to allow US forces to stay in Iraq after their UN mandate ends in December.

The transfer of Wasit took place at a ceremony in the provincial capital of Kut, south of Baghdad.

Iraq‘s national security adviser, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, said Wasit had achieved a level of efficiency and ability in civil and security matters.

He also announced that Baghdad would take control “within weeks” of the northern province of Kerkuk (Tamim) and the neighbouring province of Salahuddin.

The uprooting conspiracy of Iraqi Christians, by Adib Kawar and Rafik Abi Younis

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Adib Kawar and Rafik Abi Younis: The uprooting conspiracy of Iraqi Christians

Introduction and translation from Arabic by Adib Kawar
Palestine Think Tank


“What is taking place in Mosul and other parts of Iraq against the Christian component of the Iraqi people, which is
one of its oldest components of the Iraqi society, is not the first crime to be committed by the occupation forces and their strategic ally the Zionist state. It was preceded by the Zionist occupation authority in Palestine… The Zionist entity is trying to empty Palestine of its Arab population by means of pitting the different religious components against each other to ease its control on the whole of Palestine and empty it of its indigenous Arab population… The Zionist entity is claiming that Palestinian Arab Christians are migrating from Palestine as a result of “Muslim aggression and terrorism” against them (!!!), it is the contrary, the Zionist state is the “authority” committing its terrorism against all the components of the Palestinian Arab society…..what is taking place has exceeded in its size and aims a passing incident against a major component of the Iraqi society, and in particular in the city of Mosul where the plan reaches the extent of complete extermination and expulsion.there is big support by enemy forces led by Israel whose outfits are openly operating day and night backed by U.S. intelligence services. They all aim at destroying the relations that bring together the various components of the Iraqi society and its diversity that is reflected by the Christian presence and their role in the Iraqi society, and so that there will be no more patriotic or national unity, and thus have the stage open for sectarian and denominational conflicts that drives the country one day after another to destruction and fragmentation.underlying accusations against the resistance forces behind the assaults committed against Christians aim at acquitting occupation forces from the crime and justifying connivance of the Iraqi authority with it…….

…..With the development of this dangerous situation it is of utmost importance to stress the following recapitulations:

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Iraqi MPs ask government to investigate child-trafficking

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Every Single Time I Can’t Imagine It Getting Any Worse, It Gets So Much Worse I Feel Sick


Iraqi MPs ask government to investigate child-trafficking

BAGHDAD- An Iraqi MP stirred controversy during a Parliament session last week when he asked Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to investigate the illegal activities of an international organization operating in Iraq which is said to be selling Iraqi children to Israelis to be used as laborers.

Although the government-owned television censored the parliament member’s remarks, the issue was shocking to all parties, the government, the parliament and ordinary people.

In fact it was not a total surprise to the media. The issue came to light a few days ago when a Swedish television channel aired a report featuring a market for selling children in the heart of Baghdad. It also showed a documentary on child sale deals in the street which were conducted in the open and within full knowledge of the authorities. The film examined the case of Zahra’a, a four-year-old girl, who was sold for $US500 in an auction held in the center of the heavily secured Green Area in Baghdad.

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U.S. warns Barzani on PKK

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U.S. top diplomat warns Iraqi Kurdish leader Barzani on PKK






U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Tuesday Massoud Barzani, the leader of Kurdish regional administration in northern Iraq, not to shelter the terror organization, PKK, within its borders, hurriyet.com.tr reported. (UPDATED)

During their meeting in Washington, Rice urged Barzani to cooperate with Turkey against the PKK, which uses northern Iraq as a springboard to launch cross-border attacks in the neighboring country. 

She asked the Kurdish regional administration to take additional steps in order to ouster the PKK from the region.

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Human Rights Violations inflicted on the Yazidis in Iraq by the Kurdish Peshmerga

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Kurdish authorities and Iraqi Indigenous populations: the suppression of Iraqi Yazidis


Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation


Date: October 27, 2008

No: Rep.29-J2708


In two recent reports, SOITM have outlined Kurdish attempts to undermine the positions of two other Iraqi indigenous communities.1, 2  This report presents a brief description of some of the Human Rights violations that have been inflicted on the Yazidi community at the hands of Kurdish Peshmerga militants and security services in the so-called ‘disputed region’ – a territory which is controlled and administered after occupation by the Kurdish authorities.


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