Barzani’s connection to Al-Qaeda in Mosul

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By : Roads to Iraq
May 27, 2008

I reported few days ago that Al-Qaeda in Mosul is the creation of the Kurdish officials in Barzani’s PDK, Al-Akhbar gives a full details of this connection [interesting you can’t find this in the western media]:


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An “expert’s” bias and misinformation

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Kerkuk: The Iraqi Turkmens’ Capital city and main Cultural Centre

In an article published in Zaman called: “ICG expert: “Kirkuk deal could serve both Turks, Kurds” ICG expert Joost R. Hiltermann makes some biased declarations and is misinforming his readers Continue Reading An “expert’s” bias and misinformation…

Turkmens, Turkmeneli and the Musul Region

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Turkmeneli is the area indicated in blue on the map

Northern Iraq or the Mosul Region is home of the Iraqi Turkmens for over a millenium.  The economic and strategic importance of this land, has made it one of the most sensitive parts of the Middle East in general and of Iraq in particular.

The Mosul region is naturally separated from the rest of Iraq by the Himrin and Mechul mountains. It is a multi-ethnic region that includes the homelands of the Turkmens (TURKMENELI), of the Kurds (KURDISTAN), of the Jazira Arabs (WEST OF TIGRIS) of the Assyrians (PLAINS OF NINEWAH) as well as Yezidi and Shabak minorities.



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